I can't explain why I feel like this?

For some reason, I feel anxious and depressed when I'm not at work. I work full time and during my working day I am absolutely fine with no bad thoughts but as soon as work finishes, I feel anxious and depressed but can't seem to figure out why but I am fine the next day at work. I am even worse on Friday nights because I will not be working till Monday. I'm not sure if it's something to do with early dark nights affecting my mood but then again it might be because I am too busy at work to worry about anything.


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  • This is a very normal response 2 anxiety, infact extremly common. Its jst bcsuse whilst ur at work ur keepin ocupied then u get home + bcome 2 dread the evenins + week ends bcause u know ur anxiety is goin 2 b there. U would b better 2 find somthin 2 do on the evenins + especialy weekends, try 2 keep ocupied. Is they any hobbies u like, swimming + exercise r brill 4 anxiety or mayb c if theres any groups u can join. I also find the evenins 2 b worse. It bcomes a viscous circle bcause u expect 2 b anxious in the evenins b4 u actualy r. Need 2 break the cycle. Good luck wiv finding somthin 2 hlp. Kind regards leehow.xx

  • Thank you, I will take this on board and try to find something to keep me occupied xx

  • Hi gc, I can remember feeling like this, but in my case it was because my ex husband was at home!!!! oh dear that sounds awful but sadly it was true. I could not stand the thought of spending the weekend being on edge, wondering if I would survive his abuse through drinking and the way it made him act. I couldn't wait till Monday came around. Maybe you could do with finding something to grab your attention at weekends. Leanne's reply is excellent love and hugs x Ella x

  • Hi again George , just read your profile and seen that social anxiety is affecting you. I wonder if your home life is worrying you ? x Ella x

  • Hi Ella, I live with my family and we all get on really well which is why I'm confused about being anxious at home. I am with my family therefore I should be happy but I'm not and can't seem to figure out why. xx

  • I feel exactly the same, hav good faminly at home + also dnt know why im anxious.:-)

  • Sometimes there is no valid reason. Personally the start of my illness followed an extended period of intense stress, mainly just living life in the fast lane and thinking I was indispensable, and that I had to do everything, and take responsibility for everyone in the home. I was young (24) and was married with 2 children at the time and had a part time job at night and an ill hospitalised child. It was simply too much to cope with. Take a look at your life and see if you can think of any reason you feel like this Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • Hi GCYorks. I guess, you could look at it on the bright side. At least your work is not causing you any anxiety. I am similar to you, my anxiety often comes on when I am not completely occupied. I took some time off sick, because of my anxiety, and was glad to get back to work. Others have suggested you take up other activities to keep you occupied in your free time. And that is very sensible. The Linden method actually suggests that you keep a diary, with a very detailed schedule of events to keep your mind occupied all the time

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