5th day of work in a row

Hello all. I have been struggling every day since Wednesday with the severe effects from my anxiety. I will be at the register just obsessing over the idea that something bad is going to happen to me. Right now it feels like I'm putting in such an effort to breathe. I really think it has to do with my diet lately and eating way too much sugar. Also, I haven't been able to hit the gym much due to working all these days. Tomorrow will be my 6th day working in a row. It can be really difficult being at work with having all these worry thoughts and then feeling some physical effects.


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  • Stay positivite you will get better

  • It's stress. Stress brings anxiety & panic attacks. Try to self talk positive and compassionate words. Try to take a warm relaxing bath every day after work and make that your 'look forward thing to do' or something u enjoy like music, singing or reading etc. I hope this helps you. :)

  • Don't worry you'll be okay , always remember if anything happens to you . They will always someone to help you , your not alone. Antacid those have calcium work good for me .

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