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The D word

The D word


This is really hard to say. But I've been diagnosed with the D word, depression! I'm 26 and get so annoyed at my self for not copeing.

I've had a bad couple of months suffering quietly to the point where I couldn't get in the shower, I got upset if I had to leave the house, wasn't sleeping and putting on an act any time I was around family or friends or in public.

But one day at the hospital for an appointment I couldn't do it anymore and just broke down. I explained everything that I was feeling, and she suggested to go straight to the doctors to be put on a low anti depressant. A few days went by and I still hadn't been to the doctors, I was terrified. I started opening up to family and my boyfriend and realised that I was still loved. So I plucked up all my courage and went to the doctors. Broke down again at the doctors.

My medication or "crazy pills" (boyfriend calls them) are working well. I take one at 9.00 at night and have a very calm sleep. My only issue is I still feel it bubbling during the day. I don't think I've still not come to terms with it all yet I'm just glad I'm sleeping!

Pluck up all your courage and do it!

Xxxx <3 xxxx

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I think depression comes on over a long period of time,well it does in my case,i just wake up one day and all the symptoms are there,i should know the signs by now i,ve suffered with it on and off for years but anxiety is the one i hate,it makes me feel like i,m not in control,struggle to do anythin,it is a battle but your,ll get there

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