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Right all of you that no me no about this please how long now it's lituraly made me depressed I am so down hate it

I have had multiple eye test all good some said there's floater some said there nothing eyes are healthy as can be for a 22 yr old and sight is good to but I keep seeing this blue dot I think it's mostly when the lights are bright but I have seen it on people faces and on stuff at work I lituraly want some advice or help it comes in my vision for lituraly a second or less

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Hello there John

Now then , you have said yourself that when you look at lights or anything bright you see it and when you look away you will see it when you look at something else , I know if I look at bright lights or even the Sun it happens and I am sure if most that read your post look at a bright light then look away they will see a dot it is quiet normal

No matter what even if the Doctors said some slightly different they both have said you have healthy eyes and if there was anything wrong they would have seen it , was going to say they would have spotted it but thought better , it is you that see the spots :-/

You have to try and get some help John because no matter what or how many times we reply & I don't mind as well as others keep replying to you but it does not seem enough because it is still worrying you on a regular basis , think about getting some help because I hate to see you suffering so much you are young with so much to look forward to :-)

Take Care x


I no it's just because sometimes there's no bright lights and I see it unless it's just the virtuous gel pulling slightly I don't no just don't want to be a rigging time bomb tumor x


Morning John

Hope you are feeling a bit better this morning

It will not be a Brain tumor time bomb as you put it ....they would see when they examined your eyes if there was anything looking worrying and if they had they would have had you in asp doing further investigations , also by now you would have developed a lot more symptoms , you have to keep reminding yourself of all this when the fear creeps in

Have a good day :-) x

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Thank you your a great help just my mind in constantly fix sated onit proper anoyingx


You are going to have to keep talking to yourself and when you feel your mind fixating on it tell it to shut up you are not listening :-/ x

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Hi there! Yes I have many eye floaters and I do also see a blue dot especially when I close my eyes. I see a light purplish colour on certain types of background, better when it's a light background. I also see a light yellowish colour. Also with the blue dot it comes as a flash occasionally as well. I have had my eyes checked numerous times. Also had an MRI and everything is fine but yes it still worries me a lot. It causes a lot of scary anxiety symptoms. I have read that a lot of people see this blue dot. I am you will be ok, I know it's stressful.


I no it's just anoying proper gets to me sometimes I'll go all day without seeing it then when I am home bang I'll see it I think I am always thinking about it without thinking about I am also very very stressed out glad to no someon else is seeing it even tho I wish you well


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