Anxious. Fall/Winter Seasons & colds


I currently am getting over a sore throat , nasal congestion, cough, inner ear ache & that's also congested lol. Well as I was getting my lunch together , I had a wave of a woozy spell. It was definitely a panicky thing for me , I sat down & relaxed though & it went away. Funny thing , I heard that same sound you make when you when you get congested in your nose , like a muffled popping sound. I heard that same noise in my ears but I went on with fixing my lunch , got woozy & sat for a bit. I'm eating now but yeah, I think my ears should be looked at , finally lol. I haven't made an appt with an ENT specialist. This is frustrating lol. My health anxiety is getting to me. :/ I hate fall/winter because of colds . I also get like a lazy cat & want to be at my house , where it isn't that cold.


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  • Mine have been blocked years always pop and blocked never had them seen to of balance alot lol not nice

  • Oh years? You haven't seen a specialist?

  • Ye and no I haven't what do they do?

  • Hi , I meant to clarify , an ENT specialist . Lol they'll look at the ears , nose & throat .

  • Oh, I was just going to close my computer when I saw your post. I know exactly what you mean when we get a cold or flu. I have a cough with weird sounds once in a while in my chest. I am a basket case even though I feel okay except for the severe anxiety of worrying. I was watching tv today and when I got up and started walking I felt like I wasn't me, kinda out of it feeling. So you are not alone if worrying when you are sick.

    I wish us both well real soon. Take care.

  • Aw same to you 💞 Yes, I know ! I hate it.. I also had done vertigo because my ears were clogged up . I hate when my sinuses act up .😔 . I know ginger tea , could help with any soreness you may have , whether it's in the throat or in your muscles . I know when having a cold , muscles tend to ache . I'm not sure if it's a great cough suppressant , but I know many great properties.

  • Thank you

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