Head symptoms

I'd like to hear what head symptoms people get besides headaches.

I feel light headed a lot, woozy, fuzzy in the head, sometimes cloudy type vision. Vibrating sensations and my ears feel blocked even thought they are not. Also ringing in the ears at night. I hate head sensations the most as it is hard to function though usually when I am distracted they go away.


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  • I feel like this too but hard to tell if it's allergies. Sorry cannot help but understand how you feel

  • Even though I do t wish it on you its good to know other people get it :)) thanks

  • Have you had your ears checked? mine ring too and its caused by wax,,,

  • I've had to have the wax pumped out of my ears a 2 times but that was a few years ago maybe I should get them checked.

  • Hi these feelings and sensations are perfectly normal and common with anxiety. I experience the same and also get pains in my head which are not headache. I know others who feel that there head is not attached to their body and have a very robotic feeling and when their anxiety etc gets very bad its as if they loose some sight and hearing. It is incredible what anxiety and panic does to the body. If you are able distraction is the best way forward.

    Best Wishes

  • Thank you for your reply distraction and quiet time from hussle and bussle really helps I find it sets of and gets bad when I am overwhelmed for example by my kids screaming or just lots going on.

  • I have all this. Also neck pain. Its only my left ear that gives me bother x

  • Hi, I have all the same symptoms as you and a few more. At the moment, I feel like there's not enough blood getting to my brain. Like it's full but empty. I am dizzy and unfocused. Headachy but not quite a headache and half of me feels like I'm not here. It's an unnerving symptom. The pits really. I wonder when and if I will ever feel "normal", whatever that is. I think I just need to accept it for what it is without lettingmy imagination get to better of me. It's hard not to worry that it is more than anxiety.

  • The physical side of anxiety is just so worrisome it's hard to believe it's not something worse and it's frustrating that so much work and effort has to go into getting better why can't it just go away lol

  • I'm hearing you. I wish the same. The physical symptoms feed the mental anxiety and the mental anxiety triggers the physical symptoms. It's a no win situation.

  • Acceptance is the only way but easier said then done

  • Sure is. Every time I think I've accepted it, it throws me a spanner and I'm back where I began. :/

  • Hi. I get brain buzz,

    If I'm tired or my eyes are tired it feels like my brain is being shocked, only for a second ,

    Like a vibrating buzz, also at the height of my anxiety, if I was in bed and half asleep I would hear like a massive explosion that sounded real. So I'd wake to see if anyone else heard it and it was just my anxiety trying to wake me. Sounded so real though.

    Headaches like you wouldn't believe, they are a good one,

    So bad you can't sleep.

    Dizziness if you move your head too quickly .

    They are all common symptoms of stress and anxiety.

  • Are you on medications I know these brain buzzes happen from medication but I am not in any so then it worries me of course lol

  • I used to be on propranolol which buzzing can be a side effect but once it was in my system it subsided.

    Can just get a buzzing through stress too.

    It's something to do with the eyes / stress and being tired.

    It will pass.

    If you are on meds talk to your doctor about it.

    Or read the side effect on the leaflet with your meds, not always a good idea but at least it will put your mind at rest. All the best.

  • I get numbness and pins needles in the top as sides of my head and and throbing feeling it horrible

  • Yes I know this feeling apparently if we need to re train our brains to create happy tracks instead of the sad ones. So distraction seems like the cure until you do it naturally πŸ˜ƒ

  • I'm dizzy most of the time lately, get the odd tension type headache which goes with paracetamol, but also get random shooting pains in rammndom areas of the head that last 10-30 sec! Most around temple area and around eyes! Drives me insane seen doctors about 5 times over the last 2 months about it, always day it's anxiety head pains

  • I get simular symptoms go to the doctor or u could ask a pharmacist see what they say it's very unpleasant feeling anixiety could be a trigger get it all checked out πŸ€ good luck from pam67

  • I get incredible vertigo and in my head I feel totally disconnected to reality, I get brain fog all the time, blurred vision and general vision problems

  • Sounds very much like me have you had it checked out?

  • My thyroid and iron results came back okay, I'm having a neck x-ray soon to see if maybe that's causing the vertigo, also waiting for my cortisol level results to come back and then I'm back the doctor's. They don't know what's wrong :/

  • I sometimes feel like these symptoms stem from the neck..

  • I get vertigo, foggy head , full or ear popping sensations, light headed, tingly face ( hands and feet too), dry eyes

  • Wow your like my twin I get and have all the same symptoms plus more I know the day will come u and I and others will be ok πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • I'm hoping for the best πŸ™‚

  • I know exacly what u mean i have felt eveything u wrote i been having it for years its horrible my dizziness stops me from doing things im taking zoloft its helped a bit but i still get all these weird symptoms 😣😷

  • I've been having ringing, whistling in my ears for a while now. Doctors don't seems to know why. My neurologist said he has ringing in his ears too. Sometimes, I lose my balance but wobbles not fall. If I don't use my CPAP for sleep apnea for several days, I wake up dizzy.

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