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I think I have epiglottis?

I keep feeling this thing like when your tongue ends, near the bottom of your tongue like a band/lump, something that I thinks gonna make me stop breathing, I'm terrified and need answers could someone help me out with this, if they understand?

I think I have epiglottis it's a serous thing that can cause to death and I'm very scared if anyone could get back go me fast, I'd be very thankful, I can hardly swallow and constant clearing my throat, this feels like my epiglottis I'm getting very scared as use can see😞

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well, everyone has an epiglottis, but some are more pronounced, for instance my daughter age 6, if you put a light to see the back of her throat is was a shock to see her epiglottis sticking up from the back of her throat!! I mean I cant see mine like that...after visiting a doctor about it he says that it was normal for some people, especially a child..because of this she explains to me that she can feel it back there some times, its so high in her throat that it can be touching her uvula! this causes her to have a higher than normal gag reflex..when she has cough with mucus, she coughs till she pukes.


by the way it has never kept her from breathing, epiglottis is fixed item, if your breathing now, epiglottis wont suddenly change that inless other object gets stuck there. not a doc, just my opinion.


It's a very life risking thing!

People also die from this if not cought on time, you should search it up, before giveing people advice, epiglottis is very dangerous,and yes there's a difference between it sticking up because that's natural, but when that flaps closed it's a different story your epiglottis is what stops food going down the air way, also if it gets life risking it can close your air way!!👍search it👍


Your epidermis is also showing


Not sure what you mean sorry?


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