I think it's anietxy but im not sure?

Hi im new to this site for the past few months ive been feeling horrible i feel jittery all the time forget to breath think about the same things over and over i get head pressure it feea like my head is shaking somtimes ill feel nervous and people start to look like cartoons to me i feel like im going crazy is this aniexy or something much worse?


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5 Replies

  • Its Probably Just Anxiety You Have To Find Out What's Causing It

  • The key is to check what is causing it or what triggers it. Any specific triggers?

  • I know work is one major trigger but ill still get it at other random times out of the blue start feeling so jittery then ill panic and start thinking there is somthing wotng with my health

  • it is anxiety that causes it ,,i have health anxiety and stress for a lot of years

    as i am getting older the health anxiety has got out of control ..i can shake for days on end .i tremble when i think of things i have no control of .it is awful i always think t is because i have some awful illness .. seeing a counsellor now .hope this helps

  • It sounds like you do what I do, u may have a slight panic moment, then you kind of hold ur breathe to keep perfectly still to compose your self and reassure yourself that ur OK, but then u may feel head pressure and light headed due to not breathing and ur head feels like it's shaking when ur trying to be still but it's actually ur heart beat moving ur body ever so slightly which u wouldn't notice if u weren't holding ur breathe. It's a bad habit and one that can trigger a full blown panic attack.

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