I've been like this seven year I have five boys since my second boy was born I've never felt right. It all happened on the bus one day I went all light headed and shaky and I was all hot and sweaty I started running for half hour it was awful. I'm scared to even go to the doctors. I'm constantly tired my eyes feel funny always of balance I panic even hanging washing out my life is ruined.every time I try to sleep I jump and feels as though I'm sinking its awful every time I wake up I'm dizzy and just want to lay back down


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  • And also when I've been pregnant with my last three boys I won't get bloods or scans done

  • Im exactly the same i get vertigo and my body aches all over stomach problems. Today my mouth feels sore :( i feel like i bounce when i walk like im on a elevator. Doctors tell me its anxiety i try to believe th but its hard.

  • You really need to go and see your doctor though they are there to listen abd help.

  • I no but I can't stand going out like the other day I felt ok so I decided to go to the shop as I was walking I was thinking what if I go all funny in there and collapse then all of a sudden it set me of so I ended up going back home

  • Your not alone my son is 6 months and all my symptoms that you have started one day while sitting in a chair. Life to me feels so different and I'm always shaking off balance heart beats fast can't sleep when I close my eyes it's like a rush of adrenaline freaks me out.... But I also got diagnosed with hoshimotos thyroid which they say can cause a lot of this but sometimes I feel like the Drs don't even understand... I hope you feel better I'm right there with you everyday and wish I was my normal self again.

  • It's awful I no I dent go to the doctors I won't get bloods done etc. I've just had my last baby ten weeks ago and when I was in labour I was shaking like mad it was awful Im just sick I constantly worry about my kids health to

  • Its awful hundreds I understand I'm really scared do you go out tho?

  • It's awful wouldn't no how normal feels to be honest I could cry I sit and watch people enjoying them self's and think why can't I be the same. I'm that bad a cant go to the doctors I phoned them three year ago and she sent a prescription of citalpram out with I never took because I read up on side effects and it scared me. I went to my kids parents evening last week with my partner and a couldn't sit I was really hot and dizzy I ran out to the toilet I made an excuse up that I was in need to go to the loo with I wasn't it's terrible I can't Stand and talk to anyone I have to be moving because I panic and feel like I'm going to fall

  • hello there im sorry to here that your suffering like this but do you know what your not on your own that i promise its a dreadful feeling it totally ruined my life.But that was because i gave in and let it youve got to fight it hard and slow bit by bit slowly.Your life isnt ruined at this point you might think so.But i guarantiee it will get better if you work hard at it and it is hard but you will get there.relaxation cds help you might think they dont work but beleive me in the long run they do.I was just like you but i beleive i was worse you always think your worse than any body else in realatle thers always someone worse than you.first of all im no doc or health expert but like you i have exsperianced this not just read about it and totally understand .When you wake in the morning you feel as though your sinking then lay there let it happen because your not sinking youll still be there alive and kicking no matter how long you lay there .think positive when you open your eyes in the morning think how this day is going to be great your going to get through it your not really dizzy its all in your mind because\ you letting it sit there its like a devil inside fight it get it out think of your children fight it for them aswell as your self and the people who love and care for y ou 20 years i was like it now there no stopping me i love going shopping on my own driving the further the better sitting in cafes on my own i love it.Once over 8 - 12 months ago i wouldnt even walk to the bin outside you to can be yourself again fight it and take controll of your life its easy when you master it again i promise look after your self you can do it ps sorry about my grammer i cant spell atall lol good luck

  • Aw thank you I hope to get better asap it's effected me in every way. It's hard for me just to go to the corner because if I see some one I no I avoid them because I can't stand and talk I fidgit all the time and go all hot and panic. I have good family what do another for me etc shopping but I want to do it. I went to town last week in a taxi and felt great for a few hours I loved it. Even if someone comes to see me I can't sit still and talj I hate it. And also ye the sinking feeling I'd horrendous I always jump even sometimes when I'm sitting it feels as though I'm sinking. I can't believe other people experience the same symptoms it's hard to believe. I really appreciate your reply you take care to feel free to message me it makes me feel so much better. All I do is talj about it I hate been alone to x

  • And also I can't lay there I jump up because it scares me so much and my hands are all weak to

  • Hi were, yes from experience do get checked out my son was 2 years old remember my heart rate was crazy wanted to pass out , I was overactive thyroid gone from nothing bothers me to didn't want to be alone so bad I couldn't stay in my own home with my partner &,son o had us all staying at my sisters crazy I know but it's what I needed at the time ,,was on thyroid medication for 8 months , at knew point need up in A&e in a mess doctors gave me Diazpam to rekax I was stiff with nerves, finally im.back to work 40 hours my son jusy turned 4 , not an eas ride I worry still a lot, up now my eyes are so tired , my son was unsettked not too good bless so hopefully get a few hours in , at work early long day , im.goung ti schedule a duvet day next week lay in pj's &,films we know what we need sometimes Im feeling g the stress at this time of year , hope this helps your not alone big hugs binkynoo x

  • Were, you must somehow force yourself to see your GP. Take a taxi if that's worked for you before, but PLEASE get help.

    If you're asked to have blood tests then please do. You could have thyroid dysfunction which can make you feel rotten, and can include the symptoms you're having. And, if so, it can be treated.

    My best friend was suffering like you & afraid to leave the house 'til we dragged her to get medical help. It turned out to be a thyroid issue. She now has medication which has given her her life back.

    If your problem is panic-attacks (which wouldn't surprise me) then antidepressants may well be the answer. And forget the side effects ; they're nothing compared to what you're going through right now................and what you'll continue to go through until you get the medical attention you so badly need.

    Your GP might suggest counselling. But whatever is offered you need to grab it with both hands and get to work on your recovery. Only you can do it.

    I've had to fight enormous fear to rid myself of constant anxiety disorders. I promise you, it's so, so worth the fight !!

    All best wishes, Cat x

  • I'm like every u have said I get the same and I would never take tablets because of side effects well I had a really bad attack the other week and rung the doctors up and they gave me pronpranolol 40mg I take one a day and I bin on them 7 days now and I feel as of I'm getting sum where being on them I went out for the first time but get the help never hide it will only get worse I do it and don't like at side effects x

  • Or that's good glad your in the mend I thought I was the only person tbh it's awful

  • I have a fear of needles I will not get them I've lived lije this seven year now and surely through my pregnancy if I had thyroid it would of effected the baby

  • I also suffer from blocked ears could that be vertigo because my nana has it

  • I've read up on thyroid now I'm panicking I've got that but I've been like this to long don't you have a lump at the front of your throat if you have thyroid problem

  • One time I was that bad a couldn't get up for five days didn't dare move was shaking every time I tried to get up thats what's making me think vertigo cos of balance

  • Wow I feel just like you and this also started when I got pregnant with my last child she's 11now, I've never been the same:/ I'm 52 now. been to every dr you can think of, all comes back fine. So I guess it's anxiety, though I have nothing to be anxious about:/. My dr said it's the chemicals in the brain. I also came off my meds didn't want to be on them anymore either. Hope this all goes away one day. I want my to enjoy me life again.🙏

  • It's awful I think I have every medical condition going I hate it I feel ok for now when I stand and wash pots all of a sudden I go all light as tho I'm falling and I run to get fresh air feel free to message me privately we will have a chat thanks

  • hi were good for you trying to go out for a walk but theres no way you can carry on the way you are go see your doctor and tell him exactly what you have told us you will get some help we all need a little help sometimes take care x.

  • I'm still out feeling okay thanks it'd a mind game with is very hard to control

  • well done to you give yourself a big pat on the back for doing it and not giving up its so easy to give up and run but it sounds like you havent does get easier over time 30 months i was stuck in doors looking out of the window watching others getting on with there lifes iwas so jelouse sorry spelling crap .i look back now and think what a fool for giving in all those years never give in and fight it because eventually you will definalty win WELL DONE to you

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