Going mad

Hi I'm 19 and always think I'm am dying I'm always Google trying to self diagnose I'm starting to always have a up set stomach with pains it gets to the point where I can hear the noise coming from my stomach I also feel like my body is vibrating my heart beats fast when I think I'm dying I can't sleep I feel like I'm going to die any day from some type of illness I lost my mom two months ago so I really don't have no one anymore could this be anxiety please help


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  • youve just lost your mum. give yourself time to grieve. anxiety an other mental health conditions can manifest physically. its gonna feel tough for a while. x

  • I'm so so sorry for your loss. 😔

    I google my symptoms all the time. I have the stomach flu and pains in my lower abdomen like knives. I thought it was something serious but it wasnt. I Google all the time and it's mostly a bad idea. Never Google stuff and believe it all. I'm 19 and I feel the exact same way. I walk and the floor seems to move up towards me and I feel I'm vibrating and it's terrible. And my heart pounded so hard. Whenever I felt I was dying I put a hand on my pulse and reassured myself it was okay my heart is beating fine. It's hard to do. The best thing to do is to swim through it. I take my symptoms like an ocean and I see myself wading through. If you keep still the waves roll you under. if you fight you drown. So just swim with it. And try to focus on other things than these Symptoms. I lost my grandmother out of nowhere a few months back. I've never felt the same. But you'll get better. Just remember these are symptoms and the stomach problems are just stomach problems and not cancer. Get a check up to calm yourself and Surround yourself with positive things :) you'll be fine :)

  • Thank you I swear the stomach problems makes my anxiety worse the rumbling noise and that slight pain kills my hearts starts to be fast I really hate this

  • I know I totally understand. I had knives like pain last night and I was so badly anxitied. It'll be okay though. Don't let it get to you and don't be afraid of the symptoms. It'll pass and you'll be fine :) I hhighly suggest you read at last a life by Paul David. It's a really good self help book.

  • I did same googled and worst case scenario come up and since then i shake get body vibrations stomach problems feel like shit basically. Its cery draining. You need to go expkain to your doctor how u are feeling

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