Pelvic ultrasound

For a while I've had random brown bleeding but always put this down to the implant. Just recently I've been having a discomfort and ache with sharp pains that seems constant in my right side. I had swabs done which said I had thrush, took the treatment But still have the pain. Been to the doctors once again and mentioned my concern about ovarian and cervical cancer.

About 2 days ago I then took myself to a&e because of sharp stabbing pains in my right pelvic area, the doctor felt my stomach and said it feels soft and that it's highly unlikely to be anything like cancer.

I'm driving myself crazy as I feel like I am dying and that it is 100% cancer. In having problems fatigue, stomach ache and other aches and pains along with irregular brown discharge which is constant at the moment.

I'm honestly terrified


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  • Emilychazza98, have you been to see your OBGyn? He could do an internal ultrasound that may help relieve some of your fears. x

  • Tell GP you want an ultrasound.. Only way to sort it out's painless and over in a few mins ..try not to worry tho could be lots of things that aren't sinister!

  • I have an ultrasound on Monday, I'm just positive it's cancer

  • Emilychazza98, I'm glad it's set up for Monday. Spotting and/or pain does not necessarily mean cancer. You are addressing it and not ignoring it. This is the time that you want to think Positively. I wish you well. Please give us an update.

    Meanwhile use the forum over the weekend for support. Having people to talk with will help the negative thoughts you are having. I'm sure there are many women who have gone through this and came out fine. x

  • I'm sure it'll be ok .. Glad you're going and that appointment is soon .. Keep us posted..and we're here for support should you need us ..take care .

  • I had these symptoms to, the brown discharge was what scared me. Anyway I had all the tests done and they came back clear. I have come to the conclusion that my stress plays havoc with my hormones and everything down there which causes unusual symptoms including pain. Stress can cause anything, words from the doctor herself. Try to think positive, I'm sure you will be ok :)

  • Thanlyou all for replying. I really want tomorrow to hurry up now as I've been nothing but a complete mess and it's starting to affect my relationship. The only thing that turns me away from cancer is the fact that I haven't lost weight and I'm still eating like I normally do. I will give you an update tomorrow on what happens

  • I've had my scan. The guy doing it said there are no masses or cysts on my ovaries and the structure down there looks fine. But he is sending me back to my doctor for my results. Is this the normal procedure?

  • Yes sweetie this is a thing that's done only because it's the correct guideline for them to follow - he maybe wants you to go back to the doctor for a reason too and that's so your doctor may prescribe something for you to take which will help you and knowing any complications have been proven negative so it's great news and giving the doctor results he was hoping for . Good luck and wishing you well x

    Elle 🌹

  • yes it is! I am not sure where you live in Massachusetts they can not tell you. You have to wait for the doctor!

  • I booked a private smear test today for Thursday to make sure there isn't anything else causing my bleeding, since in only 19 I wouldn't be able to get one on the nhs.

  • I would go to an OBGYN and demand and pelvic ultrasound. I had one and I was ok but once I knew I was ok it helped a lot!

  • I had a pelvic ultrasound Monday and everything was okay

  • Just had a private smear test today, the woman said my cervix is tilted and it was covered in brown discharge so now I'm worrying again about cervical cancer

  • Just an update: my smear came back negative however I still have thrush apparently. Since my ultrasound was normal and so was my smear they won't do anything else

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