I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to die!!

So so stupid! I can't see my doctor until tomorrow and no matter how many tests come back negative I'm always anxious and waiting to die. Just waiting for it, like it could come at any second. Sometimes it leads to an extreme panic attack like the one that landed me in the ER the other day, and other times it's just a thought in the back of my head that makes it pretty much impossible for me to do anything at all but think about it and make myself feel sick. I feel terrible. I just wish I weren't so scared of dying


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  • i have this to i have a bad feeling in my tummy everyday 24 hrs of the day that i will die soon i feel strange and weird and it scared the hell out of me my thoughts are the worst i just want to be normal but i feel like this witch leads to depression i hope your ok but your not alone xx

  • I get a feeling in my stomach like I missed a step and fell or something all the time. worst feeling ever.

  • You will be ok . Your not alone I've been experiencing all type of physical symptoms and that anxious feeling in my tummy never goes away for about a month now. It can be truly frustrating and painful to feel this way. Keep very busy as much as you can with anything and everything you can think of. Also be ready when this feeling comes back accept it and understand it will not physically harm you. It's just a state of mind created by yourself. It's a cycle your scared and panic of this feeling so that same panic makes the anxiety return. Fight it by remaining calm and knowing al though it's extremely uncomfortable it will not hurt you! Feel better my friend.

  • do you ever feel like nothing is real or you're living in a fog? that's the scariest for me

  • Derealization. I have that. But I am recovering. Scariest anxiety symptom ever! I also had the symptom of constant impending doom like your post from earlier. All those symptoms go hand and hand. Did you have a marijuana induced panic attack??

  • I did! One year ago and I haven't been the same since. I think marijuana sparked most of my anxiety. i wish i'd never smoked /:

  • Yeah thats what happened to me!!! 2 months ago! I read that marijuana induced panic attacks shock your brain into different anxiety disorders. Because the chemicals from the drug (THC) and the chemicals released during the panic attack don't mix well with eachother. So it can take a little bit of time to get back to normal. I've been recovering, but it's gradual. I'm a lot better alread, the magnesium helped get everything get back to normal again! I know, I was saying that too that I wished I never smoked. It's annoying to know if only you wouldn't have done that shit smh. But trust me you're gonna get back to normal. Try magnesium!! It helped me and the same thing happened to both of us! I'm recovering from DP/DR too!

  • Hey im going thru the same feeling doomed ima die nd i feel crazy talking about it but i see magnesium has worked for you i smoked marijuana 1 year ago and thats when all this started i really need help cus i feel like death is coming to get me 😥nd im scared. I keep thinking is more than anxiety i have some type of brain cancer even tho i already had a c scan

  • Wow yeah I'm so sorry you are going thru that too. It's definitely from anxiety. It's seems like it's not because it's so new to you, I'm sure you never felt it before that night you smoked. That's how it was for me. I was never having those thoughts before that night. Smh. Yes Magnesium has helped me soooo much, it basically repairs what the marijuana did. I'll elaborate if you want just let me know. But I've been taking them almost 2 weeks now and am 90% back to my normal self. But I also developed Derealization from it too so I'm also recovering from that as well. Try the Mg, I'm sure it will help you. Trust me, those thoughts are not real, NOTHING is going to happen to you. It's all in your head. Anxiety causes those feelings and thoughts, it's fake. And it sucks but you will recover. Have you tried anything else?? I would not recommend meds

  • Yes i tried celexa but that really made me feel like i was gonna die and depressed im having this crawly feeling and ill sctratch my face and ima try the mg to see if it works for me

  • Okay yeah try Mg. I tried Xanax first, for like 4 days. And nothing worked for me but Mg. are you gonna get it soon? I wanna know how it works for you too. Did you have a panic attack that time you smoked? And that's what made your impending doom feelings start and longer until now?

  • Yea i take xanax too but they are really not working eighther yea ima try the mg . i think the doomed started from i had a bad trip where i thought i dieing thought i was over dosing idk from their ive always thought their something wrong i thought i had a brain tumor had c scan because i started having miagraines my cscan came back normal from thier thats when i started feeling doomed

  • Yeah that's exactly the same with me!!!! Except I just always had the doom from the bad trip cause I thought I was about to die and after that I just couldn't get over that feeling and I got stuck there. Like I couldn't expect that it was a panic attack/bad trip, I convinced myself that something was gonna happen. Then had constant feelings of doom after that every single day, terrible anxiety from it then I got DR. Mine happened 2 months ago tho, so it's definitely the Mg that helped me recover

  • Ima try mg i need to try some thing because even if its fake it feels very real

  • Yeah I'm on my cycle and anxiety goes way up while on your cycle. Has for me ever since my bad trip. So the Mg still makes it manageable, but during my period I still feel it. I woke up this morning feeling the doom. And feeling like something is gonna happen to me. But I don't have health anxiety, like I don't feel like something is wrong in my body, just doom like something will happen to me. Do u have weird dreams and insomnia??

  • Yes i do have wierd dreams last tuesday i woke up crying becus i couldnt catch my breath and i guess i fell asleep feeling i couldnt breath and i heard a voice say stop breathing and it scared the crap out of me but at first when i start having anxiety i had insomnia for amonth or so and doom feeling something was gonna happen to me so i didnt want to go any where cus i was scared i was gonna crash today i feel a little better uncomfortable be out im scared ill have a panic attack

  • Wow I was having audible hallucinations too!! Last month, I haven't had them again since then. But they were saying shit like that to me too. Smh marijuana needs to stay illegal cause it can really do shit to you. I'm just thankful it's curable. But I would get the same way, so scared to get in cars, scared of being in movie theaters, scared of too many people being in the mall, I started fearing everything!!

  • Thats me i went to see a movie yesterday nd it was hot nd i dont know i felt uncomfortable since anxiety attack make me feel hot or cold sweaty i was scared to a attack in the theater

  • Yes me too!! And I just be scared to be in dark places now and my and and feet get cold or I'll feel cold and just be shivering. But sometimes you can't see the shivering from the outside but I can feel it still and hands tremble sometimes.

  • Hi I read your post and wandered do you feel better now?

  • Yes a get this to scary a fell like am going to die any min off day scary

  • Are u still alive ?

  • Are u ok ?

  • Everyday with me

  • Im glad to meet you !!😅

  • I thought i was the only one i thought i was going insane where are u from

  • I used meth for about a decade once apon a sunday. Was admitted and what have you. I suffered from extreme anxiety an paranoia. I smoke good shit and also feel these weird bodily anxiety. Like my throat closing and fear of dying. But then I realise that the shit I'm smoking is fuckin marvellous. Now I give a fuck less about dying and embrace shit.....

  • Hi a also going througth this thinking an going to die any min off day its like just waiten on it to come scary a try take my mind off ut but hard scared to sleep bacause off it

  • This is very helpful i had the same feat when my first panic attack happened about 2 months ago i didn't want to sleep because i was afraid i would not wake up, but here i am now i just have a weird feeling all over my body not a good feeling but i am dealing with it

  • Yeh same just scared its the thougth off dying that scares me the most cant sleep when a so sleep a find it hatd to get up in do it all over again

  • Don't feel terrible. You said it perfect though...anxious and waiting to die. I feel the same. I hate this, but we have to live with it. I know one day we will beat it. I am definitely not beating it today though...lol, cause I am having a rough one. Be well my friend. It'll be ok, you aren't alone. I just want to get over the fear of death. That's all.

  • Hi was wondering how your doing am still struggling with fear off death like its going to happen any min scary

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