Breast/chest pain...anxiety symptom?

OK so I was trying to remain calm but now I'm panicking again and considering phoning the out of hours doctor. 2 weeks ago I had burning and pain in my left breast. The pain was like stabbing pain which moved around. Sometimes it was just an ache all over other times it was the rib below my breast or what felt like my heart. My doctor said to wait and see if subsided after my period as there are no lumps. After a week it went away. Period started yesterday and today the pain is back. All the same as before and mostly on the left side. I'm getting the very odd pain on my right side. My left hand and forearm also feels weak and tingly. I've heard people get chest pain but does anyone feel it in their breast too? Every time I think about it I have to catch my breath it terrifying! On the plus side my dizzyness and headaches seem better today. I hate this I wish I could just believe it's all anxiety and not something more sinister. I feel so stupid wasting doctors time!


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  • Hi. I get very bad breast discomfort before a period. Just as you've explained it can be very frightening our hormones play havoc. The other symptoms are for sure your anxiety cxx

  • Thank you. Think I'll see how I go and if I'm still like this tomorrow morning I'll go to open surgery at my doctors. They will be sick looking at me! This is so not like me just feel like I'm falling apart!

  • It may just be anxiety before your period and breast tenderness. I get searing burning pain in my boob and it radiates to the other side. I get scared its something way worse then it really is. How are you feeling otherwise?

  • Panicking Teemarie! On day 2 of my period now. I would get real breast discomfort some months before my period. It even is the muscles below my breasts that ache like I've been kicked in the chest. This feels different tho! It goes from a searing burning in my left breast then stabbing pains. At the minute the pain is blow my breast and in my rib. Like I said getting the odd pain on the other side. Doesn't feel like normal period breast pain. Sometimes there's an itcy discomfort in my left nipple too. The whole breast looks compleatly normal tho! My left hand/forearm is weak and a bit tingly and my stomach is in knots but my dizzyness and headaches have been better so far. Feel like this is all spiraling out of control. Trying to stay calm but what if it's not anxiety! How are you feeling today?

  • Tomorrow is Monday so try to relax until then and call your doctor. Have you seen a cardiologist? I feel like I been hit by a bus. I guess thats my body recovering from the past few days of straight attacks. Im planning on staying in bed today and trying to relax. My thoughts have been racing though but I just try to ignore them. Another thing my dr taught me besides breathing techniques was staying grounded. Focus on one thing. Also there is a app called Pacifica where you can track diet, mood, and also has relaxation modules.

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