Can anxiety make you think of a thought in your head and as much as you correct the thought your head don't let you???

I've been having loads of horrible thoughts thoughts I don't even want and as much as I corrected the thought say good things and say what I want what I want to say my head won't this might sound silly but I feel my head won't make decisions make me say the nice things to say what I want and what make me feel better, really making me unhappy 😒


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  • This is definetely a symptom of anxiety and it's purely that!!!

    Anxiety tricks you and makes you think black thoughts making you feel there's something wrong with you but it's purely anxiety and depression.

    You must stay positive and fight it, you can do it.

    First thing I did was accept that it was all anxiety related even though I felt consumed with the constant dark thoughts.

    It was really hard but with the help of the ADs I feel much better and strong enough to realise that it's just the condition that makes you feel this way. Because deep down you know you wouldn't usually think like that, and that really helps to keep in mind.

    See your GP, you can get help and you can beat it.

    All the best.


  • Thank you it's so horrible I'm having cbt and I'm on Ciellapram, it's like all the time my heads doing it and I hate it was you like it? X

  • I was exactly the same and worst of all, I practically told myself that if I kept on thinking these dark thoughts, they would happen and it'll be all my fault!!

    The best things are distraction by keeping busy and focus, find anything to focus on, a book, a TV programme a task that needs doing, and find something you enjoy such as excercise or such like, all these things can counter out the dark thoughts and eventually they start to subside, you must then keep telling yourself how amazing you are that you've managed to beat it and keep positive. It's not you it's the anxiety.

    Best regards.


  • Thanks Hun yes I was doing really great Hun, and now it's back but it's just don't make sense because I'm happy and it's like I can't be happy and be where I wanna be x

  • I'm a really happy person too, always have been, and it was the same for me with the citalopram too, they worked for a couple of weeks then stopped working, then the dose was increased, then it worked again and then stopped working again!, mad!!

    I'm just trying to take each day as it arrives now and starting to feel better again.

    Keep positive sweetie, you will get there.



  • Thanks a lot yeah the docs said I take 30 one day then 40 I keep going really hot

  • Joel Osteen ministries

    It's easy to come up with reasons why we can't be happy, why we can't accomplish a dream, why we can't overcome a problem. As long as you're making excuses, you'll stay where you are. Excuses give as permission to settle for less than Gods best. Get rid of excuses - you have the power to overcome anything.

    You have to change what is coming out of your mouth. Start announcing freedom from anything that is holding you back. Too often we are announcing and declaring the wrong things.

    On personal note, God is really helping me on my way to recovery from anxiety. There are many scriptures about how thinking negative thoughts keeps us down. God knows about anxiety.

  • I don't want the bad thoughts

  • I want him to take these thoughts away because it's not me and it's vile 😒 just wanna live my life with husband and little girl x

  • I know exactly what you're going through. It would be nice if God would just make it all go away but that's not how it works. We need to do the work to get better. I chose to take meds (not everyone does ) to calm me down so I could work on negatives thoughts. It is hard work but you need to have faith that God is by your side all the time. The other things I did besides prayer and going to church is eat healthy diet (it really helps to keep your sugar level even all day ) drink lots of water, exercise, focus on others and other activities so you're not always focusing on how bad you feel. It's not easy and it takes time (months, years ) but you will feel better. It's been 4 years but today I don't need meds and even when I feel a twinge of anxiety, I get busy with something, like baking, cleaning house, going outside for walk, visit with family/friends. The anxious feelings go away because my focus is on something else. Thinking of others and helping others with whatever (babysitting, volunteering, etc) helped me a lot. I'm sorry I can't offer you a quick cure but it's our negative thoughts that caused us to have an anxiety disorder so we need to reprogram our mind to think more positively. Reach out for help but it really is all up to you. We are here for you to post your concerns and I wish you the best as you work through this.

  • Thanks Hun it's vile when it's high thanks for kind words x

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