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I wrote a poem for everyone

Your heart is beating

Your palms are sweaty

Consumed by the butterflies in your belly.

Your visions a blur

Your mind is frantic

Suddenly your problems seem gigantic.

You feel so much danger

Your thoughts are manic

All you feel is sheer utter panic.

You can't make sense

Of the problems you feel

Everything right now just seems so real.

Your body shivers

Your head feels hazy

You think 'I really must be going crazy'.

What can I do

And what can I say

And will I always feel this way?

There is no danger

Your mind overreacting

Your thoughts temporarily making you feel trapped in.

Breathe through this hard time

You won't always feel this way

Soon you'll wake up and this phase will fade away.

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I printed this and put it on my desk at work... =) Thank you for this!


Thank you Kara123, I find it therapeutic to get my thoughts and feelings on paper. I'm glad you ended it on a positive note. x

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I wrote one to ...

The illusion of one's mind,

Can be all intertwined.

Emotions of adrenalin,

Trying to get in.

Thoughts that are full of dread,

Running threw the head

How dose one escape the pain,

Feels like going in sain .

Positive self talk,

Still the mind likes to mock.

Finally calmness comes about,

Still lingering the doubt.

Fear is something that we hold tight,

And because of that our body and

mind puts up the fight


Nice check mine..


I have an anxiety

I hate it

I suck at poems



Love it ❤️


I love the poem awesome job it's what we all needed to read thank you


Brilliant says it all x


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