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Shoulder pain

Hi all. I have really sore shoulder that has got a bit worse over the last day or two, the pain feels like its in my muscle, of course with me reading google and me having really bad aniexty I'm now thinking the worse again. Has anyone else experinced this and has any advice or tips. The pain is very real. Thanks and hipe you all have a goid weekend x

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We can't always blame everything on anxiety. Have you done some physical activity lately, like heavy lifting, that might have caused this. You could take some ibuprofen which will help with pain or some ointment that buy over the counter for sore muscles. If that doesn't help, you probably should check it out with your doctor. Hope you feel better. Please stop googling. Googling makes your anxiety worse.


I have pain in my shoulders as well. I know I have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder that I never got fixed. So u might have a torn muscle or maybe some arthritis . doctor would inform u better and ibuprofen seemed to help my pain some


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