Stomach pain

Ok so my anxiety sky rocketted back in Feb and I started having stomach pain. I was convinced I had appendicitis but it wasn't. It went on for a few months and slowly eased, I think it was anxiety related because if I distracted myself it went away. I had bloods to check for inflammation and they were clear.

I have also had a gynae scan as gp thought other symptoms sounded like possible endometriosis. Anyway anxiety is back again as is the stomach pain. Only this time it's much worse. It comes and goes, I feel sick sometimes and sometimes my guts feel like they are churning. Now I know anxiety makes pain feel worse, I suffer with health anxiety and I think this makes it worse.

Anyone else suffer with this at all?


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  • I do too I have your exact symptoms. Haven't gone to a gynae yet as I think it's all anxiety related

  • I was given naproxen for the period pain. not took it yet. I try not to take tablets. it's not just female problem pain I have tho it's my stomach as well.

    I do think anxiety makes it worse tho. it's horrible.

  • Where about was your pain exactly because I have been trying to work out if it's my intestines that are sore of my ovaries ect?

  • I hope you don't mind me saying but stay away from naproxen!! Or at least read up the side effects.i used to take them for a bad back. Don't get me wrong they worked for the pain but cause havoc with your stomach.your choice of course but get a second opinion on them. Take care

  • Doc also gave me omeprazole for my stomach to take with the naproxen. I haven't taken any yet, I'm wary of painkillers. like to stick to what I know.

  • Yes I ended up on 80mg of omeprazole which is a high dose. Omeprazole is only supposed to be a short course as it can cause problems with your bones so my doctor told me!! They give you medication for one thing then it causes something else!!

  • I had stomach pains for months and finally had to go for testing about it. They found out i have a lot of acid in my stomach and my gallbladder is bad. But anxiety does make it worse that's for sure

  • Under my belly button slightly to one side. I also get hip pain that can go down my thighs. Nothing was found on my scan tho. when I get my other stomach pain it can be all over.

  • Mine is also under my belly button and more towards my groin area. I don't know if I have endometriosis but I know for sure I have ibs and anxiety

  • Your stomach is your second brain and so it really, really acts up with anxiety. Also, those of us with anxiety feel everything ten fold, so any pain is miserable. You need to be sure you're on a great probiotic. See the website for ideas on how to cure a bad tummy.

  • I am male and also suffer all the above, I am sure my anxiety makes my stomach a lot worse, my pain is mainly very low down 2-3 inches below my belly button with loads of gurgling/bubbling noises.

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