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Pressure on the right side of my head that leads to jaw and neck pain. Fear of dying.

Hi guys! I'm new here. For a week now I have been feeling pressure and on the right side of my head. The pain does down to my neck and my jaw. I suffer from chronic migraine, but this feels different. I have been to the doctor so many times. He has referred me to a neurologist which I have to see. When I lay down the neck pain and head pain get worse. This has caused my anxiety to go out of control and has made me think I have a brain tumor or maybe even a brain aneurysm. I don't have the urge to go out anymore because I feel like the pain gets worse. Taking medicine does not help. I want to go to the neurologist like yesterday because I have this horrible fear that I'll die. My anxiety has gotten worse this summer due to this chest pain that started, but I was diagnosed with chest wall pain. Then I had to go to a gastroenterologist for stomach problems. All of this has caused a lot of stress on me. I have no one to really talk about my problems with either. Can this be anxiety or something more serious?

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Hi there is myself suffer with bad anxiety but my hubby suffers really bad with migraines he has been to a neurologist which have offered him lots of different things tablets to try and done tests also he on very strong pain killers for migraines but after so long of use they don't work so has to keep.switching them around migraleve pink use to be good for him but now he takes others along with tramadol when they are really bad I myself suffer wit has costchondiritis which is chest pain on left side mainly and jaw etc and is very painful indeed along with my finromialga have you ever asked your gp if it's possible you have any of these and some of your signs sound sorry familiar xxx

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I do have costochondritis which is what my doctor diagnosed. The none medical term is chest wall pain. I have chronic migraine which was diagnosed by a neurologist at a young age. It is actually hereditary because my mother has it. I take Excedrin migraine which works well. I also forgot to add that I have been feeling very tired and weak. But my neck has been hurting along with my shoulders and the head pain and pressure stays on one side and with sometimes move to the top of my head and the other side, but it stays on one side mostly.


Definitely sounds like yah costhdritis playing up might be worth asking if you.also.have fibromilga as if u have one the chances of getting the other also.are very strong u should ask your gp for some pain killers to see what helps as not very nice to live with at all I keep using hot and cold compress but gives me very little relief I end up at a and e a lot due to it and rarely leave the house due to the pain xx


On top of your chronic migraines, which could contribute to anxiety, you have had a lot of health issues occur in a short period of time. I can relate; I had the same thing earlier this year. It re-ignited my anxiety disorder, which had been dormant for many years, and I am still struggling with it. It turned out that none of the health issues was serious, but I now have to get my anxiety under control. I, too, had a fear of dying, and to some degree, still do, even though there is no medical reason for it. For me, it's all anxiety. I am trying to get the anxiety under control through a variety of methods. It's a slow process once the anxious part of our brains get activated and stuck there. You obviously need to see what the neurologist has to say. However, anxious brains jump to the worst possible scenarios right away, which is what it sounds like has happened with you. I am sorry that you have no one to talk to about this, but perhaps this forum will help. I do hope so. Are you doing anything to try to tackle the anxiety, and have you spoken to your doctor about it? Health anxiety is very common, especially if we have had a health scare or two. You might do well to seek support from a professional, look for a support group for anxiety, do calm breathing exercises, listen to calming music and affirmations to reduce anxiety, get a bit of exercise, and do something constructive even if it's just making hummingbird syrup or shredding paper. Here are some coping skills:

Realistic self-talk:

This too shall pass.

I am not helpless. I can and will take the steps needed to get through this.

One step at a time.

This difficult situation will soon be over.

I am willing to do whatever is necessary to make tomorrow better.


You can also phone a crisis line to talk, read, do puzzles, learn something new, clean and tidy up, work in the garden, do arts and crafts; yell, scream, run, let yourself cry, let yourself laugh. Pop some balloons. Massage your hands, have a bubble bath or long shower, buy yourself a small treat. Write down all your negative thoughts and list all the reasons they might not be true. If someone you love had these thoughts, what advice would you give them? You could also help someone else, smile at strangers, pray, volunteer, do random acts of kindness, pat dogs, join a cause.

Wishing you all the best!


Thank you this really helped. I was offered medication from my health care provider but I denied them because I hate medication, but I feel as though at this point they are necessary. I suffer from depression which also that makes me stay in the house. I am trying to break that. With all that you told me I feel like I should try them. Stay in the house makes me think myself to death. I notice when I go out I do not have these pains anymore. But I really try the things you have suggested.


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