Haven't had a clear head in 15 months or so

It all started when I had moved for a new job. I started to develop groin pain after month of moving. Then that subsided and developed lightheadedness. Some days were better than others, but there were times that I thought I was going to pass out. I thought I had cancer or some bad STD so I got checked. bloods, ultrasound, blood pressure, all STD. All cAme fine. doctor seemed to think it was anixety. So I just tried to stay positive. Head pressure still was there constantly. Few months later I developed chest pain that lasted a week or so and totally freaked out. Went back to the docs and got a ecg, more blood tests but all came back fine.

Still to this day I have my moments and constant head pressure. It's hard to cencentrate at times. I'm on lexapro for my anixety but has had no effect on the physical symptoms. Just really want to feel normal again. Any help would be great. Thanks



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  • I am sorry to hear that you went through all those. I am the same with you. There are a group of people having the same head pressure. If you can message me your email. I will introduce to the group. We are fighting together to get our symptoms figure out. Cheers!

  • Hello, I get the head pressure constantly too, it's a horrible feeling as it makes my eye sight blurry, mainly when I'm outside I can't ever focus properly, the only thing you can do is stop worrying and stay positive,easier said than done I know!!! I have days where I feel absolutely normal then I think of something stupid and all my symptoms come flying back!!! The brain is so powerful.

  • H8 Josh 44 ,,yes you have got me thinking I almost feel I got an helmet on that's full of fuzzyNess it's weird. its hard to believe anxiety can cause phial symptoms like our mind playing tricks, I suffer at present jaw pain left side , fuzzy head & what feels like bloated burnt tummy . I can't wait to feel normal again had my bloods done today so we will see maybe seriously lacking in all vita mins b12 & d & iron must be to feel out of order. Have you been tested for vitamin deficiency. Binkynoo

  • Hi there I too suffered with head pressure, fuzzy head, lightheadedness contantly for months on end I am happy to report that now I only suffers from it occasionally and most of the time I can get out of it quick, the key is to stop worrying and focusing on it it takes a long time to practice this technique and for it to be effective. Just know there is hope good luck

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