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Any ideas!

Hi guys.

I just wanted to see if anyone have a good real idea with what's going on here.

I've always suffered with stress and anxiety. Some days mild some days strong. I just lived with it.

Cut long story short. I had a death in the family back in 2013. I just dealt with it. Then had my mum live with me for over a year. Also had little full out with her, which made me feel pretty stressful..but were ok now. Anyway, I was doing some work, and out the blue back in March time, my mind just shut down, it was like I couldn't think or do anything. This lasted for 30minutes.

This would happen on and off from 1 day to the next. Of course this made my anxiety sky high. I got tests done, and all he said was my vitamin D is low. And to just take vitamin D. I joined a vitamin D group is said my b12 was low, as doctors in UK go by ranges they would say it's normal, but in reality there not. Anyway, I tried vitamin D and B protocol, but after 2 months, I never felt any change, I just felt it made me feel worse. My mind has gotten worse, can't focus, remembering what I'm doing is bad, soaking information in the now is so slow. Also feeling like I'm in a dream. Online mental health doctor says I have direalation and dissociation.

But 2 days ago, my thoughts went into a different lever, I was watching tv, and I just kept having this horrible fear keep coming over me, and also being scared of ppl, like there is evil in my head, and making me feel and seance evil. Everything scares me.

This can come and. I can then feel not so bad, but bang this nasty negative feeling comes in my mind with so much fear. The silliest things freak me out with fear. Anyone know what is going on here. It's pretty worrying. Was also wondering is thyroid problems can cause this. Mind feels so numb.

Thanks a lot.

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Guess no one understands this one 😊

I Guess I'm an odd ball LOL.


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