It keeps coming back

It just won't stop. I tried all things they say. I accepted my anxiety and when the symptoms start I try not to be afraid of them and be normal but I fail mostly. Sometimes I don't even pay attention other times my brain is oddly too focused on the symptoms and I cant shake them off. I feel happy and good one day and the next im all anxietied and getting strong bad feelings. I have a sudden thought and its so strong and such a horrible feeling that I'll die and i am healthy! But my brain won't focus or accept it no matter how much I repeat. It takes ages to calm it down and I am honestly out of ideas on whag to do now. Please can someone help? Therapists in my country do more damage than good and aren't experienced enough. Ive seen many of them ruining lives. 😔😔�


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  • Hi, It sounds like a having a really rough time, Im not the most knowledgeable on Anxiety, I had it a few years ago, and stopped me sleeping and wasnt nice. I take anti depresants which also help with Anxiety and I am ok at the moment. Citalopram. I was wondering do you take other Medication which could have side affects like what your experiencing?

    Lots of hugs x

  • No i do not take Medicine of any kind. Thank you so much for the hugs 😁

  • It won't happen over night accepting it I'm afraid, it takes patients and practice . believe me you can do it you have to believe that "I know its hard and frightening" but it can be done , there are plenty of web sights on learning how to take that fear away its changed the way I deal with them and I'm not afraid , and I've suffered from them since the age of 7 I'm 32 now ... Okay you still have your not so good days but I just take them as they are when that anxious feeling comes on and let it wash over me 9 times out of 10 it does work :-) good luck x

  • Anxiety has many many symptoms. Make appointment with your doctor and discuss some

    Options that will help calm your mind. Anxiety is a mental illness. We need to change our thoughts and attitude. If you start each day with a positive thoughts and good attitude, you will have a good day. Bad thoughts make us have a bad day. If your doctor suggests meds, you might consider taking it. You can then focus on reprogramming your thoughts. It will take time, not overnight. It can take months or even years but with meds your mind will be calmer. Don't start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Everyday is fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. You are responsible for your healing. People can give you advise but you have to decide if you want to do the work to get better. You will always have our support and encouragement and prayers.

  • Well said great advice xx mandy😁

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