Is it just nerves or real symptoms?

So I am starting my first ever nursing placement in the morning. I've been nervous for months that I am going to have an anxiety attack in the middle of the day, and won't be able to keep at it for the next 6 weeks. Today I have been peeing constantly, and getting bouts of nausea, no burning, and pee is a normal colour, so I don't think it is a UTI, as I am quite prone to them and tend to know what they feel like. So of course my stupid anxious brain is making me think I have a kidney problem, even though I had an ultrasound on them last year and everything came back fine. Is it just my body playing tricks on me again? 😞


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  • Sounds like you're just worrying I've been like it myself lately. It's amazing what symptoms worrying can cause. Try to think positive for tomorrow. It will be fine if you feel yourself getting a little worked up just take deep breathes and tell yourself that you are ok.

  • I'm afraid it is anxiety playing it's Ace card on you.  Peeing constantly is because

    you are nervous, I get the same way.  It doesn't sound like a kidney problem either

    you would have different signs.  It sounds like an interesting job.  What is Nursing

    placement.  Private duty? Hospital? Dr's office?  

  • This placement is in an outpatients department in an NHS hospital. But by the end of my 3 years of my nursing degree I will have covered most wards and community settings! It's 50/50 university and placement, keeps everything very interesting 😊. Although I'm petrified my anxiety will get in the way and stop me doing what I really want to do with my life! Thank you very much Agora, I don't comment much on this site, but I take a lot of comfort in reading posts from others, and you always seem to have fantastic, balanced advice for everyone. You seem like a great person! 

  • How intereting Emmalou and how wonderful you are pursuing a nursing degree.   During my schooling for paramedics, I too, covered all the different wards.  I loved every minute of working in the hospital. Actually had wanted to go on to Physician's Assistant, but the training was in another state.  But I fulfilled my dream of a lifetime.  Good Luck to you.  Once I was with patients and caught up in my work, my anxiety took a back seat.  I wish this for you as well.  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  x

  • Hi dear.  How did it go today?   x

  • Hi Agora! Sorry I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to get on here 😊 First day went really well, I'm just about to head in for day 3, and I'm enjoying every moment of it, and so far I'm managing to keep my anxiety in check 👍🏻. I hope everything is well with you. Xx

  • I'm so happy for you Emmalou.  Thank you for letting me know how you're doing.  Wishing you continued success.  Xx

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