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I can't stop thinking of my symptoms

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So I keep thinking about what's happening to me all the time and reasoning with my brain that its okay if i am. And then my brain is okay i relax for 10 minutes and then my brain is anxietied again. And its bad again. So I have to reason again. This goes on and on and then I get tired of reasoning. What do i do? 😔😔

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This sounds familiar, and exhausting. I find distraction is the only thing that works for me. Not idle distraction like a bit of telly, but active distraction like writing, painting, cooking, making something, solving something. There are days when I look forward to work because I know eight hours will past in a flash of solving people's problems without being able to think about mine.

Whatever you find absorbing, do that and it may help give your body a chance to calm down while your mind is busy.

That's so so true. Works for me too But its when I have to sleep when its hard and worse.

For me, I need to occupy my mind with something. Luckily today we have things like computers and tablets. I have downloaded several apps to my tablet like jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and games like 'quizup'. I find that they require a lot of attention and so prevent me from focusing on health issues. I hope this is helpful for you.

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Haha I do the same. But I'm looking for a solution to this. I've seen distraction helps for a while and the secondd I close the app poooof the feelings come back!

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thats a good sign actually because you can see for yourself that the feelings are just in your mind and when you focus on something else they go away. The other two things I have been doing recently might also prove useful to you. The first is that I have taken to writing a kind of auto biography - not that I have achieved anything great - it is just a way for me to re-focus and also it helps me make sense of the past - where some problems may have their roots. The other thing is that I get out and walk - which is very hard for me given my almost constant dizziness. But I do it - and I know for sure that it brings down my blood pressure markedly ( i check it 4 times a day :-) ) .

The mind friend and fou I always say. You are so used to the systems and scared of it that this is all your mind and body knows now and as soon as our minds get use to it, its like a ongoing cycle. Believe me I know cause I have been living with anxiety for almost 5 years. Medications can help to stop the symptoms which in return wil make your mind at ease and eventually you will stop thinking about it and in return feel better. I don't use medications as I always try natural remedies but thats me. I feel your struggle just be strong and know anxiety is not your master

I feel your pain

It's a constant battle ,mine has flared up again due to current medical issues and it's exhausting . Be kind to yourself and allow the feelings in , feel the pain know it's not something to be scared off as you have gotten through it before . Just breathe and go a quick walk feel the air , the sun and distract yourself . Good luck ;-)

As has been suggested, occupy yourself with an activity to distract your mind (not brain) from focusing on your anxiety symptoms. Write a diary and include in it what your are thinking and feeling on any given day. That way you are both distracting your mind and also writing down why. It can be quite cathartic.

Four good replies so far - I expect that there will be more! Do try to find something to concentrate on (as one reply suggests) which will help your mind to focus outside your anxiety. Work on something which is interesting to you, reading, computer games, painting etc. Try to get outside and walk looking around you, appreciating what you see and hear. I suggest to clients that keeping notebook might help in which to write down the good, beautiful things which they see or hear and make them smile or feel good - including taking photographs. It does not end their anxiety, but it helps them to work through it- especially as they have a record for those moments when they believe they cannot cope with the thoughts. Hopefully, they find that they can..

That reassuring voice inside you that say "It's ok to feel this way" needs to be used a lot. Frantic worrying thoughts are what we have become used to hearing, so automatically come back at some point. I think that there are a lot of very useful suggestion below so why not give them a try and remember to be kind to yourself, not critical.

hi there i'm sorry to hear you having the same problems that i had and how i managed to get rid of all those racing cars in my head that was fitted with question all needing answer and when my consultant told me to do this i was surprised it work, you know how you managed to have ten minutes break from your head filling back up and its try and stop thinking about what's happening upstairs and then keep yourself busy taking your mind of the problems for something that will make you happy a take your mind of the things your thinking about. i hope this makes sense hope you will try this i did and it worked not saying its going to work for everybody, but if you done try you will never know take care speak to you again Alan

I used to be that way, I learned I have to use positive affirmations every day and do service to others and forget my problems. I also use wild orange essential oil daily, I rub a few drops in my palms and breathe it in or diffuse it throughout the day to help me.

lots of good advice, write out some positive statements on postcards.list things you have managed to do even small achievements. I get 'jelly legs' but find if I can just get out and walk for even five minu.tes they do not let me down and at leastIcan still. walk. Soalsocount. Your blessings.

I feel d same way but I try reading inspirational books and playing games. I'm sensitive to a lot of things even reading your complaint had placed me on tension and am sweating badly bcosi hadhot flush immediately I read ur mail. We will overcome it.

I am currently doing dbt therapy. Look into it. Also been told my brain is lying to my body becauses i have had every test done

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