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Coming back to life?


Hi all. Last year I was in the hospital for like 5months. I had liver and kidney failure because of drinking. (To cope with anxiety) Well I had less than a five percent chance of surviving. I was on a ventilator and almost bled out. I am married and have a nine year old daughter. Ughhhh. So mad at myself for doing that. I haven't drank in over a year and dont plan on ever doing it again. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to my family. I used to take xanax and did since I was 18. My Dad was abusive (since I was a teenager) and I currently do not speak to him. I lost a lot of my family. Step -dad in a plane crash. Step brother to drinking. Mother to brain cancer. And baby sister to a freak accident in Costa Rica just a couple months ago. See? It could be worse. I used to be on like 15 different medications (from the hospital) and currently just take supplements (vitamins). I am trying really hard to keep it that way. CBD oil helps. It's made from Hemp (it will not get you stoned). It helps with anxiety,sleep,focus and pain. I was in a wheelchair and had to relearn how ro walk. I can now and do everyday. It helps soooooo much. Walk for 30 minutes and clear your head. Seriously. It helps a ton. So does MUSIC. Best anxiety repellent. Put on some music and dance it out! I really hope this helps someone. Also I have been to the ER multiple times for panic attacks. I have had cat scans and mri's all because of anxiety. The doctors told me that a panic attack can bring a grown man to his knees. Anxiety raises blood pressure alot! When that happens your mind-body will play all sorts of aweful pranks on you. It stinks. Oh and my liver and kidneys have regenerated. Miracles do happen. I haven't been back to the hospital for anxiety in years. I refuse to let it ever win. Remember that lfe is incredibly short and you are breathing that means you are LIVING. I almost had to stop. Good luck. Get moving!

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Thanks for sharing what you've been through and kudos to you for getting back on track! We all our issues and vices and are only human. I totally agree that exercise is a wonder drug. I'm one of those that does not but knows I should. When I've been on a walking routine in the past, I felt great and it's the best way to deal with anxiety.

Thank you so much. That means alot❤Ginger

Yours is a wonderful story that proves that courage and determination overcome all. I'm so glad your liver and kidneys are recovering. What you have said gives hope to others here. You have turned your life round and you have recovered from anxiety too. Thanks for telling your story here, a positive message of what can be achieved.

Thank you you made my day❤Ginger

Thanks for sharing your story! It gives hope to people who are struggling including myself! I'm glad that your liver and kidneys are back on track! Hope is a wonderful thing to have! Hope you have a great day!

Thank you for the sweet words❤

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