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Health anxiety. Life is so hard. Anyone else?


Life is so hard with health anxiety. Spend every day every minute thinking I’m just about to die. Then it gets to Saturday and I’ll try and go out with friends which results in me drinking alcohol. Temporarily, for a few hours I’m relieved of my symptoms and can enjoy a good time with my friends . Back to being my old self again but then of course you wake up with a hangover and you are back to square one again. Struggling all day Sunday then wake up for work Monday and start thinking you’re going to die again. They’ve finally said it’s starting to affect my performance at work. I find it hard to concentrate on anything other than my internal body trying to see what is going on at all times. Please I just want this to end. Please.

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Same here I went out last night had a few drinks, rather allot..but in that time I feel normal no pain at all but this morning when no woke up yes hang over..I start getting these palpitations then heart thumbs even skipped beats and that is so scary..the quilt also gets me panicky..I get this burning sensations in my chest under my left breast that just stays there..I know what the next die will bring but dammit I never learn..I hate thinking that maybe I'm goingvto die today each and body is in so much pain as we speak...So believe me I get how you feeling..I just keep praying.

Me too health anxiety is ruining my life. I’m constantly “body scanning” for any sensations. I’ve convinced myself I have cancer. I now get burning chest pain when I’m stressed and can’t seem to not think it’s a heart attack. I just want to live a normal life. I’m also dealing with depression. I’m trying to make lifestyle changes as a first step. Starting to exercise and eat better. Take a multi vitamin and do some daily meditation. It’s hard but I’m going to give it a try.

Same!!! I don’t go out with friends tho, leaving my house is becoming more and more of a challenge for me! Just know your not a lone!! Hugs!

Sorry, you are feeling this way. Since you have felt this way for a while it seems, resolve that you are not going to die before your time and you don't know when that is. If you are having symptoms that make you feel that way, see a doctor and rule out your fears. You have an out of control imagination. Try focusing on something that you enjoy. Look at the creation i.e. trees, sky, stars, sun, moon and how pretty and well-organized everything is. Your body is created like that. Try living each day without alcohol. Do things you enjoy.

I can fully relate.. I dont drink, but when I do.. i feel like my mind and body are free from anxiety. I think sometimes the weekends are tough because we have to deal with the sensations without work distractions. I sometimes feel like there is a vice on my head or chest and its getting tighter. I wakeup on Monday with my check engine light (that is what I call it). It is on for the slightest pain or ache and over think it. I think we just need to accept we are sensitive to our body sensations and tend to make the backache into the worst. We also make stomach ache into an ucler (in our mind) and we make a headache into a migraine. Its all part of our process. I try and remember some days are better than others. Normal is what you make it.... remember our normal is living with anxiety. Somedays its higher than others.

It just feels so real and scary. My docs won’t send me for anymore tests so I can’t even ease my fears. I’ve looked into private cardiac tests. Safe to say it’s not cheap. May just have to pay it and get it over and done with.


You go out on Saturday night and feel good again... There is your answer, you are taking yourself away from your anxieties. Do the same during the week, I don't mean get drunk but go do things with yourself and keep your mind away from the bad thinking.

I'm the same ... I can't stand it .. I literally feel like everything that crosses my mind is happening to me, so far this week .. 2 doc visits wit chest pain and dizzinessan nausea... 1st thing that sprung to mind heart attack... even tho I no it's anxiety I always think what if this time it's not and I don't get help:( such a nasty illness to live do we keep going :(

Sorry you are feeling this way. I get it. I used to feel so much anxiety and that something was wrong with me. I am not cured, but better. Archibald Hart's book "Anxiety Cure" helped me to know I was not alone and gave strategies to deal differently and hope I would not always be that way. You might want to check it out. There is hope but it takes changing our thinking to change out anxiety. Hope this helps.

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