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I'm still dealing with my sinuses giving me issues . I'm taking Claritin but as my sinuses are trying to drain & clear , my anxiety is kicking in. Sometimes, it's a chore for me to focus on eyes are bothering me, I've had panicky feelings here & there. My ears are still full & I can feel some drainage . I feel out of whack . It sucks. During some of my anxiety moments I get real tense esp in my hands & calves. I also seem to get this pressure on the top of my head. After I was panicky about trying to get to the bathroom , i felt some ear pressure then felt this sensation on the top of my head felt similar to how pop rocks feel in your mouth , afterwards it's like I couldn't think properly went from a million thoughts to me trying to focus on a thought. The sun got brighter , to me, despite the shades & I really couldn't focus on anything. I finally got out of the bathroom but anyone else get panicky & that occurs? What tips would you suggest I try ? I hate having sinus issues on top of anxiety


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  • I was recently dealing with this, terrible it made my anixtey worse I really thought I couldn't breathe. I had to switch to Allegra. And yes I had head and ear pressure. I've only been having some comfort cause the season changing.

  • Yeah, it sucks. My sinuses are clearing up a bit though. I had that same thing go on & I went to the clinic :/ ...ugh it's a mess. I'll be happy when this mucus goes away lol ๐Ÿ™Š. Since we're going more into the autumn season , that could be working for me too. I'm taking Clairitin .

  • I too have sinus problems. It's like a constant head cold only this time not only do I get horrid headaches but my right ear plugged up like when you go under water and it won't pop open. That's been a week ago. I'm so panicked over it. Sounds are muffled. I go to work every day in a panic over it. I ยฎ tried clearing it but it won't open. I always think the worst and of course I've disagnosed myself with all kinds of horrible things. Just want it to pop back open. I've been on Claritin and Flonase but no help. I hate when I get so scared of health problems but always have.

  • I hate it too. Have you tried being around a humidifier? That works for me. I kinda struggle getting relaxed then going to sleep , because of this . I still have nasal congestion & it's beyond uncomfortable. I have the full ears too . I'll be glad when my sinuses clear up . Yeah....I'm always on google even though I know I could be distracting myself with other things , positive things.

  • Which thing are you taking now for your sinuses ?

  • I had exactly the same thing. Eventually I went to my docs as it was affecting my hearing. They referred me to E.N.T. And had a hearing test.

    Only to find out I was partially deaf in that ear!!

    I'm now wondering if this is partly to do with suffering with fibromyalgia?.

    Anyway, I decided to continue with the Audiology dept. Very kind there and all hearing aids or moulds are free!

    Now I can hear again, it wasn't until I was fitted with one, I realised how deaf I was!!

    Take care and don't worry, there are far worst things to be suffering from!

    Best wishes


  • I have horrible sinus issues. Mine started after my son was born 7 months ago. Vision is messed up, pressure in face and head, ears pop all the time. And my anxiety gets bad because I'm always thinking it's something terrible even though I know it's my allergies. I hate health anxiety.

  • I'm trying Claritan and Flonase. I don't think they do much. I've always had bad headaches that always seem to be around nose and forehead, but never had my ear plugged and won't open. I too have health anxiety and start thinking maybe it's something awful. I always think the worse like the other post mentioned by someone else. I fight daily to get over that. It's been a life battle unfortunately and I'm embarrassed that I have health anxiety. It's depressing. I too have used a humidifier and it helps with throat tickle but hasn't helped this ear issue. Going to ENT next week. Hope it's nothing serious.

    Thanks for writing helps.

    Hope you are doing ok today..

  • Oh of course ๐Ÿ’ž I'm glad! The humidifier works wonders. & I may have to see an ENT specialist too . My GP (primary dr) doesn't do a thing . I hate it, it's like he barely listens to me. My congestion is clearing up a bit .i have ridiculous acid reflux on top of the sinus issue & anxiety..I'm a burping mess :/ lol. Yes, I understand exactly where you're coming from with the health anxiety . I'm always on myHealthTap app (health tap, typo sry) & always searching for each little answer to each sensation makes me upset & I cry daily . I'm going to not only see my eye dr & an ENT specialist, but my therapist . I want to know some new techniques lol. Positive vibes & best wishes sent to you , on getting better .๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž P.S. I'm like a foggy , drunk old man when I walk out here. Blame the plugged ears too lol I'm going to see if any saline works! I'll update :)

  • Ok, keep me posted on anything that works. I'll do the same for you. I do have an ENT appt next week so will let you know what he says. My family doc does nothing! Waste of time and money. Last year while at work I had a detached retina....that was horrible and had emergency surgery and three months of recouping. What a horrible experience that was...seems like I always have something wrong with me. I know that is what causes my anxiety and panic. Had this my whole life. I see 16 year olds on here and I feel sorry for them. I've suffered with this kind of stuff since childhood. I get that foggy feeling too. That's so weird and scary.

    I tried the saline. Burns and seems to clear the nose but not this ear problem.

    Good luck.

  • I will ! & thanks ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜Š & yes..all my primary dr does is shove me pills instead of trying to find a solution or tell me exactly what's going on. It's like he shoves me out of his office in a hurry. Oh wow..that sucks. I'm glad you got through that ๐Ÿ™Š Health anxiety is by far the most ridiculously frustrating form of anxiety. I'd rather have social anxiety lol :/ I'd go into a bathroom , calm down & go out there & socialize or at least try. This health anxiety is 24/7 class, work, with friends..whomever ..I'm always tuning into my self & if I get the slightest ache , anxiety kicks in & I'm on Google :/. I do see younger people on here, I agree with you, it's sad to see that, but I'm glad this is a support community & we're all comforting to each other. But ehhh...I got to figure something out for my ears lol. This saline stuff was a waste then :/

  • By the way I too have Gerd and isn't it?

  • Lol ha! Yeah....especially if I cheated on my diet & ate stuff like tomatoes or anything citrusy ..or anything acid based..I'm burping all night sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜‚

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