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How old do you need to be?


Hi everyone!

I noticed that some of you have been reporting posts from new teen community members. So, just a quick reminder that people under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked:

If you don't know how to report users / content to admins and HU, please have a look here:

Thanks for the help!

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Just curious as to why members under 16 cant join? xx

in reply to Roserose

Hi Roserose,

We feel that the needs of younger members are different to that of many of the adults on the site. Sometimes, when giving advice, users don't take into consideration that younger members are at a very different stage in life. We feel that it is best that younger users access age-appropriate advice from organisations specialized for their needs. 16 is an arbitrary number, but we need to draw a line somewhere!

Feel free to discuss this further with a member of our team here:

this man over 58 has full time care give family help pay for it lot money we do not have

why people at school can not be here go threw lot sit crying in father day use cane belt put under cold shower put in home body got hurt


Hey why can't people under 16 join?

What if they can't talk to there parents about there problems so they ask them here?

What if they feel more comfortable asking about there problems here?

That they are able to go by a code name and not have to be embarressed by whatever they ask?

Would you want them to close themselves up and not ask for or get help?

You make it sound like they are unwanted for the wrong reasons. Why not post additional links for support groups or helplines for under-16's as they are going to feel just as lost as we all are/were and i'd hate to think someone who needed help was turned away blind by technicality.

Just sayin, rules are rules but people are people and everyone needs a help in the right direction now and again.


There is also a concern that young people are more likely to get drawn into grooming situations and abuse through this sort of site

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