How do I take you people

As you may know I am new here.

I have been reading some of the blogs and am confused.

Are they meant to be funny? I have looked at monkeeeys blog and some of the answers given and they had me laughing my head off.

I have also looked at the banter on Grogboy's blog and that's been sad but funny at the same time.

All I can say is thanks for the laughter but should I be serious when I write or should I try and have a laugh


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  • Hi

    I would say, feel free to be both :-)

    Wishing you well



  • Just be yourself in the blogs, funny or sad people will read them and you will get some great advice.

  • hiya dot, just say how you feel hun, when i see your name it makes me smile. ive got a cat called Dotty and she is known as Dot. its nice to hear you have been laughing. hope the sun is shining where you are xxx love Cookie xxx

  • I must agree.Very often a serious question is asked and lots of serious helpful answers given.Then someone may make a joke and that is fine too.It just lifts the mood.

    I wish someone would send me some jokes at 3am when I cannot sleep and am having a panic attack.

    As said before just be yourself



  • If we are up bertty , blog , we will do our best ;-)


  • you will rue the day you said that lol, and i have it in writing as evidence xxx

  • that was a reply to bertty by the way lol xxx

  • I think I know what you mean cookie.I am always up between midnight and six and if you andwhywhy want to send some jokes please do

  • Don't worry we will :-D


  • you know it lol. xxx

  • Yes I do lol


  • Hi Dot

    Bless you , I bet you think we are mad if you have been looking on those blogs

    Well maybe a little :-D

    When its time to be serious , we are , & I do believe we are very compassionate & give good advice & support

    Now & again though we do have a laugh , it can break things up a little

    If you look through our blogs , you will see we have very serious , emotional, ones as well as a little banter

    You say how you feel , what ever that is , some days I have been on here crying , other days laughing , which ever one it is , it doesn't matter

    Sometimes when one is down , another one will try & cheer them up & its all good

    I am glad though if we have put a smile on your face , please though when you are ready & if you want to of load , we will be as helpful as we possibly can




  • Hi dot I haven't had chance to say "welcome" we are very supportive of each other. We laugh and cry and try to help each other as much as we can. I see it as an online family and this site has helped me so much so heres a big warm welcome love eve x

  • Wait till you read Cookster99 when she gets started,so crazy and funny ,I laugh and think about them for days,

  • I really would like to thank you all for your replies and for the entertainment.I am so glad I have joined

    xxx to you all

  • Bless you


  • I guess this site is about sharing the ups and downs. Celebrating things we feel happy about, laughing, and also being supportive of each other when things are getting us down. That's my theory anyway. I've had a lot of supportive comments, read things that make me smile, but most of all... I really like it here!

    Nena x

  • Hi Drearydot, Welcome to the group. I think that joking and flippancy is a way of coping with what's happening to you. Most of us are so down or (in my case) up and down like a yoyo that reading a funny post or a joke is a way of cheering ourselves up even if only for a few seconds. If you have a serious question you'll get a lot of support and help here. Long may it continue

  • You will come to love everyone on this site you could be me from US and try to figure out what they are saying sometimes like someone said they are going to cook spags in my head I'm thinking what on earth is that!!! But I so love everyone on here they have helped me through some really bad times consider yourself blessed to have found this site and just enjoy the ride.

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