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Sertaline?good experiences?? (Abit of a long one!!)

Hi i have been suffering with anxity for 3 years now have been so far able to just get on. As i have 4 children now and my partnwr always helped me ...

i have had a very bad month!! My partner went to prison! Ive been finding it really hard to deal with things on my own. So the anxiety pains start again. I get them all over my body. Im now in doors on my own which i hate as im afraid of the dark always scared that someones going to break in and get me i dont knw its just horrid and now with my partner gone i have no1 to protect me. Also my son has adhd which makes it so much harder .So i phoned doc today and hez prescribed me sertaline. And ive heard a lot on here about bad effects any good experiences with this please as am at a loss and am going to try anything to help many thanks.

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Hi, all anti depressant have slight side effects when you first start on them I'm on sertaline and can't remember having any side effects when starting ( a dry mouth ) but you feel that bad anyway when starting them, you have to preserve to get better and out of that bad place stick with them it does/ will get better it does take four to six weeks to get in your system but it's worth the wait, keep intouch let me know how your getting on, what strengh are you on 50 mg ( that's the start ) 200mg is the max, good luck stick with it you'll be fine xx


Thank you hun i really appricate your reply. I have just taken my first one am i aloud to drink coffee with them or not. And will keep you posted and probably ask you a few questions along the way if you dont mind 😊 x also yes i am on 50mg x


Yes your aloud coffee but when you can try to drink decaff it's just less caffeine I was on 50mg for a while it's not a very strong dose, so give them a few weeks to get in your system of you feel no better go and get the 100 mg, just don't worry if you don't feel better straight away it will take time to build them up, you take care ( I know how hard it is I'm struggling so much ) so your not alone xx


Its good to know im not alone in all this ☺ i do feel a bit spaced out atm with the tablets but also didnt sleep hardly last nite so thats prob why. So badly needed a coffee but had read that you can have a caffiene overdose with the sertaline just started panicing i think.over thinking again😕 but i hope your ok and things start looking up for the both of us very soon xx


Hi there am in same situation to u my partner has been sentenced 3 weeks ago and my anxiety has gone through the roof and a can't sleep function etc it's so hard I too have 3 children and my youngest has autism and my husband has always helped out as I run my own business and I have tryed 3 anti in the last 3 weeks and each ov them didn't help left me with severe side affects which a hated as a needed to be in control for the children .. am now taking vitamins and St John's wort which has lifted my mood and leveled me out last 3 days hope this helps x


Thank you hun yes we are in a very similular situation ☺ i sont think i will be taking theae again feel rotten at the mo. Just gonna have to get on and try for my kids sake and mine xx

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