breathing problems please help

for a while now ive not had that much anxiety more of depression i eat healthily and i am active now which i was scared to get active because if u read my other posts are all on my heart but the chest pains are still here but not as bad as is the arm pain again nowhere near as bad and the jaw pain well that comes when it wants.. but what i focus on the most is my breathing and kgetting dead hot... i can rarely take a deep breath which has been like this for nearly a year now ive had a CT scan on them all clear and xray clear aswell.. always hard to breathe and i get out of brearth easily i am so so skinny but still have this problem how can this be anxiety if im never ever anxious anymore like lioterally if i have chest pain now i get on with it not even bothered nothing helps please reply on your thouights thankyou.. also can anyone explain why idf get all this if im not anxious?


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  • Just wanted to let you know I'm also having breathing problems . I feel like my throat and lungs are going to stop working . Of course I think it's my heart , even after all my heart tests came back clear . I have had X-rays , ct of my lungs with contrast dye to check for a blood clot , blood tests , and a nose swab . The doctor told me everything was clear and ruled it as allergies . I've never had allergies in my life , until now apparently . I'm VERY short of breath . You may need to go to a pulmonary doctor to be checked for asthma . But about you "not being anxious " , your anxiety is still in the back of your mind . You thinking your not anxious is making you anxious . Trust me , I go through this daily . If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me . I have severe health anxiety and constantly think I have tumors of the brain and heart problems , all my tests have come back clear every time . Anxiety and panic disorders are very serious , and ONLY YOU know how you feel , I hope you feel better .


  • appreciate it and im here for you to

  • Thanks man

  • hi, i have similar problems.. i am very anxious about my heart.. was checked tens of times.. in emergency they already know me.. bad feeling lol.. always all tests come out good.. sometime i am very anxious so i know the symptoms are from the anxiety.. just a small feeling in chest that i would even not notice still year ago , makes me now so scared that i get panic attack.. sometime i feel good. not anxious at all. i can be with my friends in really great mood not thinking about my heart or breath.. and suddenly i cant breath, cant take deep breath, my lungs feels like numb .. like i would be breathing to empty chest.. in this moments i get very scared, because same like you i think.. i was not anxious, so why it happened, something must be wrong with me.. but like justin21 said.. even we dont feel anxious, the anxiety is still in us.. and it can make terrible tricks with our bodies.. i still dont know to accept it and stay calm when it happens.. im still scared and is hard for me to accept that all is from anxiety.. but i try to learn to accept it.. and yes.. it is hard..

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