Back at it again :-(

So not to sound gross but my monthly annoyance is approaching and I feel my anxiety is high. My new thing today is that I am scared that im drinking too much water. I drink maybe 2-3liters a day. Any one think im over hydrating? I dont want to have to take a valium but I dunno what to do. This crap happens every month and everymonth I dont feel any better.


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  • Hey there, drink chamomile tea and you can also take natural supplements to help ease the symptoms ... One supplement is called Calms Forte by Hylanda ... They sell them at Walgreens cvs and gnc ... Eat healthy no sugar white or wheat flour or any dairy ... That would help ease up the symptoms ... Water is good 2liters a day it good I drink about the same as you ... Sometime a 2 1/2 or 3 but try to stick to 2lts a day .. Eat fruits veggies and protein also Greek yogurt is good or turkey avocado bananas they can help ease up anxiety also pure dark chocote all natural ... Pray at night also and ask God to help you get through this difficult time in your life also remember that this won't last forever that one dua it will need to go away the same way it came to you it will fade away ... Hope this can be of a help ..May God Bless You Always .. Keeping everyone on my prayers but we must all pray of we really want true Healing ....

  • Wow. Thank you so much for this response. I needed to see this as well.. Me and my mom just had a great talk and it was most helpful.. God bless you and all of us !!

  • Much welcome anytime.... You can always message me on anything ... God Bless

  • Try eating healthy food all natural no fast foods what's so ever or any proccessed foods in cans or cereals ... Eat all natural fruits veggies all types of mixed nuts cranberries blueberries raisins ... Have celery with some natural peanut butter or cashew butter almond butter ... Olive oil take a multi vitamin or other natural supplements ... Try juicing one day yes one day no to start off ... Drink water to detox the body ... No soda no high fruit corn juices ... Only and alway las natural ... Omega 3 fish tuna salmon ... No fried foods you can have a steak once a week no pork ... Lots of chicken and fish of possible .. Always befor going to bed drink half cup of water and a hot chamomile tea with honey.. Or boil some water add cinnamon honey and one percent milk that should help ease up the muscles in the body cinnamon acts as an anti inflammatory substance ... Which is good for your heart and nerve system .. A massage once every two weeks of possible one time a month accupunture also if possible . Breathing technics exercise a bit 20min a day to start just take a walk .. Then you can alway fast pace yourself little by little learn to listen to your body .... Warm showers a must to help detox anything from the body ... Go out try not to stay home I've been out since and my body and mind sis getting used to loud noises and the anxiety is much more controlled I stopped all Meds with my psych consent so she knows everything in doing from seeing a natural healing therapist called kinesiologist... She has been wonderful .. I will send you a link to her blogs on your inbox .. God Bless take care

  • Yes, please do!

    Thank you so much!

  • Drinking 2-3liters a day is totally fine, there is nothing to worry. It is good for health. Talk to your dr , if you feel your anxiety is high..

    It happens to me too, and my doc recommend some meds/pills and I get normal....

  • Thanks everyone. I feel alot better now.

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