Back at it again 😫

Well as if the heart palps-dizziness and just overall feeling like crap.. I decide to go out and get my mind off of all the stress. So I go to the mall and of coarse feel like a zombie as I'm walking feeling unbalanced. I run in to an old friend a he said " damn you've lost some weight" and that right there just did me in. That just open a whole new can of worms not am I only worried about every damn feeling I have now I have to add weight loss to all my problems.. now I'm afraid to go out and run into people I know and have them tell me the same thing.. does anxiety make you lose weight?


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11 Replies

  • I lost 12 lbs. In 3 months do not feel bad.

  • Was this due to anxiety?

  • I couldn't eat because I felt like I had a lump in my throat due to anxiety. I would eat salad, celery, fruit and smoothies here and there. But I was anxious and panicky everyday which made me not want to eat. Do you eat the same as before?

  • Well I did change my diet about 2 months ago. I gave up beef and surgery drinks. I introduced fiber, fruits and veggies to my diet.. and I s recently started a more physical job. I just didn't think it would show that fast

  • Oh it sure will lol. Especially having anxiety on top of it.

  • I hope so I'm so depressed over it now.. I can't even stop thinking about it

  • Don't be just try to eat more throughout the day.

  • I no you do not won't to eat I lost just over 2stone in 4 months

  • I lost 2 stone x

  • Mate I lose almost a stone in 3 weeks, through worry and anxiety

  • My inability to focus made me feel weird about food therefore I had no appetite. Yes I lost weight because of this.

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