Why am I going through this? I'm scared... I need help... I can't keep going on like this! i am suffering from depression :( I have lost my appetite and I can't eat , my stomach is growling and making noises and hurting, I feel very light almost like I'm about to pass out , I have this tingly feeling in my arms which scares the living crap out of me , I am so tired and have no energy for anything , I am simply suffering and I want it to be over :( I want to cry all the time


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  • I'm sorry you feel this way :( try going for a walk or maybe pick up a little bottle lavender essential oil from the store and try diffusing it. That always seems to help me a little.

  • Hi there, sorry to hear about your symptoms .. Try to eat something of not take a multi vitamin or Drink and ensure your body needs vitamins and nutrients in order to fight off the depression try to at least eat a few small healthy portions through out your day ... Also Google food that can help ease up depression ... Go for walk eat healthy take supplements also say a prayer and ask God to help you get through your depression try natural healing try and exercise that really helps with depression... Take care hope this can be of a help ... God bless

  • It's okay right now if you can't eat healthy food. If you can eat ice cream or pudding or something light, you won't feel so tingly. It's okay to cry and sleep, too. But you also need to see a doctor, who can get you feeling better. You'll get your appetite and energy back once you get the depression sorted out. Is there someone who can stay with you and help you out?

  • Hi, Lorcabella is right. Just eat a little when you can. Show yourself love and kindness in whatever ways you can.

    But also see your Doc ASAP and explain you need support with your depression atm. Counselling can really help.

    And please do reach out to a friend or family member, if that's an option.

    At the mo, just concentrate on getting through the day as kindly to yourself as you can. Bit by bit, this will change. Please take care of yourself

  • Don't get depressed, go for a walk in fresh air and take proper meds you will feel better. You can try stomach calming drinks or a home made lime juice would be great..

  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I know it's awful. I don't know if it's just life or if it's APS but I get times when I just feel like I'm in a very bad place. I told my rheumatologist that my sister thinks I should be on something for anxiety or depression, but don't have either ongoing and I'm already on Coumadin and Plaquenil and I don't want to take any more meds than necessary. My rheumatologist told me that I've been through a lot with my illness and a stroke and to try to find things I like to do and I've really done that. I'm retired, take classes, see my grandchildren, try to surround myself with "good" friends who are there for me, exercise and yes--find little ways to be good to myself, manicures and pedicures occasionally, a good meal in a restaurant, movies, plays and although I hate shopping--buy myself something nice to where once in a while and get dressed up once in a while. I wish you the best. Oh, and I also subscribe to daily inspirational verses to start my day off right and when I have the patience, I try to meditate for 15 minuts. The best to you.

  • Take notice of all the positive answers you've received, it won't last forever, but you need some help. Believe that it's NOT your fault, something's gone adrift and needs fixing. When I panicked about not wanting to eat for a week, a friend's Mum said to me "that's alright, you won't starve, you're not going to die!" Sounds silly, but that really helped relieve my anxiety and, of course, she was right. With a bit of medication and a referral to a lovely Counsellor, joining a group found in local paper where, on sharing stories, I realised my problems weren't half as bad as others, I slowly got better. I still feel anxious deep down, but it's controllable thank heavens - and I still take an anti-depressant which I want to keep. God bless and good luck.

  • The word here is that you are "scared". When we are scared we tend to over breathe, when we over breathe we get tingly down your arms, hands and or feet. Hearing growling sounds from your stomach is telling you that you need to eat something to stabilize your blood sugar and finally you need to hydrate. Feeling lightheaded and like you might pass out could mean you need to drink some water, Propel, Gatorade etc. Having anxiety problems is vicious in what kind of symptoms we can get. Of course, make sure you are in touch with your doctor regarding how you are feeling.

    My best to you, my heart goes out to you. It will pass.....

  • I no how u feeling I am going through the same thing right now I carnt eat carnt sleep I am crying all the time I am scared I just start to talk to some I cry I feeling like I a, worthless

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