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Worst time in my life

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I am 43 years old and have suffered with anxiety for several years. I have no idea how it started but the last couple of months have been beyond terrible. I am constantly afraid of everything and my health is suffering. I am so exhausted I want to quit my job but I can't because I support myself and my daughter. I'm even afraid that if I stop worrying things will get worse. I constantly feel so tired I feel like I'm going to drop. Any advice from anyone ? Maybe words of encouragement ? I'm just so tired.

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Im so sorry youre dealing with this. Everyone is quick to jump on the med train but in reality its not really solving the issue, its just a patch job. I am like you, i need to work but i cant right now because my anxiety has been bad, but this is how i drive on forward day to day. For all the crappy crappy days, there are a few good ones out there and them days are what pushes me forward, my anxiety hits in cycles, good for a month or two then down for two to three max, right now i just started a week and a half ago feel bad. Last night i felt ok for 12 hours after a massive panic attack. Just know your not alone. Im battling to keep my self from a attack as im writing this to you, i am watching youtube videos of others having them so i can see how they handle them and dont freak out. Like the guy says, they always end the same way. Keep your head up.

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Knowing I'm not alone for some reason helps a lot. Thank you

Hi I'm the same age as you and have battled for half my life...at the moment I'm luckily in a fairly calm period.. I have always ploughed through and found for me to keep working has been better than brooding and hugging the sofa ,as you never get out of the panic cycle that way! I have a few work friend whom also suffer from time to time , even tho we don't sit discussing.. I know if I'm really bad they are there.. The point being don't be afraid to seek help or find a few trusting people to talk to about how you're struggling..

What is it that you panic about?? For me it's mainly health anxiety., I find walking ,reading books .. Any kind but when I'm suffering I particularly refer to Dr Claire weeks self help for your nerves .. It's been my bible ...also I'm trying to find out more about breathing techniques and mindfulness... The main thing you're not alone .. We are here to help.. Let us know how you are ..

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I worry about my health constantly. I also worry about my family. It never ends.

have other conditions - such as thyroid and B12 deficiency been ruled out.

This is link to a check list of symptoms of B12 deficiency


there is a huge overlap with other conditions and track records of GPs diagnosing correctly is, unfortunately, quite poor - so if you think it is likely suggest that you join the PAS forum for advice and support


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I do have pretty severe anemia. I actually had a transfusion several years ago. Currently I am receiving weekly B12 shots. Hoping things will turn around soon.

Hello magnme2001, I have gone through a similar situation about 1. Year ago. I am happy to say that I feel better today. I still have Anxiety but not as crippling as you might have it at this time. I was at the point of quitting my job and making drastic decisions. I began researching on this Monsrer and decided I would try to help mysel. I put myself on a multivitamin regimen along with B vitamins. B/12 b/6 . I also changed my diet to lean meats more vegetables . I began walking everyday at least 20 min walks. I also accepted that this was something that I was going through and would not kill me. I believe now that I have some control over this . My advice to you is speak to your dctr about vitamins supplement and try to start accepting that this will not kill you and it's your body reacting to either stress of some kind in your life or could also be perimenopause. Research and read on this it may help. I hope this helps and remember you are not alone on this . So smile and move forward.

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Thank you for the advice. I am currently receiving B12 shots weekly for severe anemia. I keep hoping magically one day they'll help me start feeling better.


I found that going to the doctors and going on some antidepressants allowed me that bit of breathing space to help myself. I was starting to get in a real downward spiral, and I too couldn't see a way out. The antidepressants just allowed me to peep over the top of the hole I seemed to be in - metaphorically! They then allowed me to help myself and I pulled myself out the rest of the way. I am off the antidepressants now. I was only on them for 6 months, and I still have bad days - but that's all they are, whereas before I was having bad months! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Much love and hang in there - your daughter deserves it.

Sue X

Thank you so much. I appreciate the kind words

Hi magnme

It's so hard isn't it, you just want to feel normal and be able to lead a normal life. But anxiety stops it

I feel just like you, but I'm trying (really hard) to not let me stop my daily activities. I still get up n go to work(even though I feel like I could cry all day) I still carry on with my children's after sch activities (even though my head is pounding with negativity). It's bloody hard and exhausting but try not to let it win

At the moment I feel like I'm going mad, but I'm still sat in the garden watching my children play games. I'm scared that tomorrow could be worse than today, but I'm trying to carry on

I know it's hard but just keep going

Big big hugs xx 🌸

Thank you... Although I wish you didn't feel that way it helps to know I'm not alone.

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Its a hard thing to deal with everyone has or triing to figure out a way of dealing with the symptoms i personally try to go day for day if i wake up in a good mood i try like hell to enjoy it and ride it out and if its a bad day i try to find something to change that course dont always work but hell it's worth triing. If you needto chat just message me and ill try to help you threw it bestwishes and i have faith in you

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