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Anxiety has ruined my life

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Hi all I've been suffering from health anxiety for a year now. And it took over my life caused me depression and suicidal I feel like I'm dieing I have every symptom also recently be diognoised with svt so awaiting a ablaison and pace maker I'm 27 healthy and 2 children. I'm so depressed and not been out the house for 4 month as I fear the thought of being outdoors with ppl I mailing alone in my room my in laws take my kids to school I feel a failure. Ppl don't realise anxiety is that bad well guess what it really is. I feel for anyone who suffers like me is horrible to live with here's a few of my daily symptoms.

Chest pain, stinging, fullness,stabbing tight

Disrealization feeling like my life's a dream daily never goes away.

Eye sight gone foggy and focus has gone


Stomach pain

Trouble going toilet Bowles

Urinate more

Numbness un legs hands

Lump in through feeling food is stuck

Breathless just walking upstairs struggle to catch breath

Feeling I'll die any moment

Back pain

Faint feeling constantly

These symptom I suffer 24/7 anyone else feel this bad

It's hard to believe anxiety can make me bed bound and change me as a person makes me sad to no I Carnot be the mummy I used to be 😒X x

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Don't lose faith. Your life is still very valuable so give yourself credit. You can overcome this, at least within can. God is always with us. You are never alone and things will turn out for the good wether we are able to see it or not. Please keep the hope alive. Much love! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜š


Just wanted to let you know that I myself have these exact same symptoms that you listed every single day. It's very hard to live life when you feel like this because of anxiety. I'm truly sorry that you feel the way you do and I hope you get better. Everyone loses their way sometimes you will be okay. I will definitely be thinking about you and praying that you get better. Take care hun

Thanks guys for the support I feel like I've had enough of life with this anxiety it taken every bit of strength from me I hate the fact it's broken me down bit by bit into someone I barely recognize anymore I've lost my job my home my confidence I can't actually remember the person I used to be .

Hi how do you deal with your anxiety I'm really struggling a lot ?

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You are not alone. I say to myself all the time how I miss the old me. And where did she go.. But I think to myself.. She is still here and she is fighting. I am fighting to get myself back. It doesn't happen over night or even in a week.. And just remember.. Dwelling on the pains you feel with anxiety make it worse. What you give power to has power over you! Start taking baby steps into getting better and I believe that one day we will all get there. You just have to believe in yourself and not give up. Don't let it win. You are in control.. Don't lose sight of the world around you. Just breath and remember that everything will be okay!


You can message me anytime..

Aw thank you rissa glad you have hope rite now I feel so low I've had this a year and I'm getting worse x

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Have you talked to anyone about it? Are you taking any medications for it?

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Hi yes I've got got a support team and I take mitazapine x


Well that's good than! Happy to hear that!

How long have you had anxiety and how did you get rid of it ?

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I have had anxiety since I was 17. But never this bad. I am now 20 and my anxiety is horrible. I live with it every single day and it is very hard. I have a couple health issues that can cause me pain plus anxiety on top of it makes it worse. I find myself crying everynight cause I don't want to wake up and deal with the next day. Cause everyday is hell and pain. But I have to believe that I will get better. I have to tell myself that. Most days I don't even leave my house cause I am terrified. It is honestly the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life.

Hello darling x I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering with this anxiety x yes I had panuc attack fir 20 years x but only when I went into a restarant whuch u find really strange x but 8 months ago I had a massive panuc attach inv the middle of the night and ended up in hospital x they done every check and test x couldn't find anything wrong x pit it down to anxiety x well this us a king story but in the end I'm fighting this anxiety telling it I haven't got time fir it x I'm in control iv tell it so bugger off x and the more the weeks go on ivam getting better in fact 85% better x so there is hope x just keep your chin up and try fight it x not easy but you must not let this control you x as I say your in control of your body x

Hi Susan it's so hard to fight each day you solve one symptom and end up with a new one I suffer with daily symptoms which makes it hard I with I had your positivity I'm on anxiety meds but not helping still feel awful I dread waking up I've lost my job now and had to move in with inlaws for support but I don't feel I'm getting better I'm glad to here your at that stage to try and overcome this hope you get back to normal again x

Anxiety will find new ways to trick you into feeding it. Dizziness may go away so boom! Here's some chest pains. Chest pains go away! How bout some tingling? I'm in the process of recovering and went from 24/7 terror to just general anxiousness with up and down spikes. Optimistic about getting better but i could stay where I'm at and live a reasonable life. You'll get better it could take awhile but it will happen.

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