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Not a good day

I get good days and bad days which is an improvement...but todays a bad day I didn't Sleep much last night so probs have something to do with heads in a bit of a mess i have no clear thoughts of you get what im mean just all hazy...bit i keep thinking something bads going to happen since i woke up and i cant shake it off :( just thought id share my current situation incase others feel the same or if anyone can reason with me and help me shake this feeling off. Thanks xx

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It is usual to get bad days but they DO pass and you learn to avoid the feeling of deep despair when you are low.

One tactic, of which there are many, is to do something. I don't mean cleaning or dusting but go and DO something. Go for a long walk. Go see some sights. A wood, forest, hillside, art, even the local pet shop for a cuddle of a rabbit or two can even help.

The idea is to get out of the four walls, as many choose to stay in and do nothing, and go and do something.

It is a chore. It is a massive drain having your brain saying "No, don't stay here". It is a HUGE effort to open that door and go through it but you might be well rewarded for doing so.

Here's hoping!


Thank you for the reply i should of read this earlier as i stayed in today ... Next time il take your advice and go on a long walk . i really appreciate your advice 😊 anxiety is high atm as i get scared going to bed its bloody awful 😑 xx


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