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At last a good day

Hi thought i would just write a blog to share that Sunday was a good day for me with no panic and jelly legs i was able to enjoy the day something i don't do very often.

Today (Monday) as you know my daughter and grandson have been staying and my daughter needed to go to the bank. She said we can go around 2pm i was watching the clock thinking i can do this although the other part was saying i am not sure.

We drove to the bank and started to line up something i struggle to do i came over really hot i laugh now as i took my coat off and was trying to concentrate on my breathing. My Daughter knows the signs well and when we got out she was like lets have a tea before we head back.

Previously i had been in this cafe and struggled to sit and eat or drink i would panic like crazy. The cafe was not packed and i managed to order a meal. I started to feel really relaxed and then the baby was playing merry hell tired but would not give in and sleep. My daughter got stressed out and said we better head back home as i had to get to the counsellor. Making me laugh she said after the babies day she was more stressed out than me.

Just hope i have more good days and less awful days.

I pray every night for the people here that they may have better days.


Seyi xxx

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Hello,so nice to hear about your good day,i read all the blogs and really feel for others.I think that I am lucky because I don't have any problems going anywhere,i just don't particularly like being home but I cope.Sleep is an issue but then it has been all my life,you are proof that we can have panic free days and I hope you inspire others to be more positive,stay happy,take care.


So good you had a great day, we can do at times. I also pray every night for better mental health and for all family and friends to stay well and enjoy life.It would be great to be back to the old 'me' and \i do wonder when it is going to happen. All the best for more good days for you. xx


I too like Castelnaudry(strange name,has it got a meaning ?)don't like being in the house,but good for you for being out and I think it is great you and your daughter can laugh about it and that she cares so much for you and understands.


it so nice when you finerlly get a good day, i feel i really appreciate them more to the point of charishing them. i think we all need more good days:) xxxxx


yes theses good days are brill, I get mayby 4 in a row, then I nearly forget whats its like to be anxious and I think its gone,then BANG its back again,last night my heart raced for 3 hours,no other symptoms only slightly blurred vision,I didn't panic,I just sat on my laptop,and let it race away,I went to bed when it settled and slept sound,this morning I had nausea,but no racing heart,and now I feeling great again.mayby someday it will go for good,.we have to stay positive,this anxiety is funny stuff....hugs to you all..xx


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