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Hey everyone. I just wanted to mention something that I have noticed by talking amongst my peers who deal with anxiety. They have said that doctors tend to ride off fatigue, moodiness, nervousness, and the other anxiety symptoms as an anxiety disorder without even checking for any type of deficiencies. I started taking my b12 5000 mcg dropper again today. This usually helps with energy levels. Also, for getting headaches at night I will sit there and gently rub my temples in circles and move to my forehead and back for about 5- 10 minutes. It truly works wonders because as humans we get so stressed and tensed up during the day. I would definetely recommend trying self relaxation techniques and vitamins before going on any type of anti anxiety medications, as they do become addicting and cause undesired side effects. I wish everyone well.

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Yes I think relaxation can be very good if we are relaxed enough to do it , when we are really anxious it can be a struggle but if we practice any techniques that we find helpful when we are relaxed and master them it is easier to use them when we are feeling anxious

I think we should always listen to our Doctors when it comes to what we need for our anxiety , I think it depends on what level we have anxiety as medications prescribed by the GP can be a life saver for some and even though they may have some side effects at the start they usually do pass and you cannot get addicted to anxiety meds unless they are things like Diazepam the usual anxiety meds are quiet easy to taper of

Vitamins again you should always check with your Doctor before you start taking them if you have any health issues or are taking any meds as even a vitamin can interact with some medications

They can be good for you but only if you are lacking in a certain vitamin say you are low on iron then they help because if our bodies are getting enough vitamins and we take more when we go to the toilet we will just for a better word pee it all out if our bodies did not need it

I think though it is a personal choice which path you want to take to help you with your anxiety and what suites you as an individual the best and I am pleased you have found something that is helping you and maybe will help others to :-) x


Thank you for your input. I take some vitamins on a daily basis. I have been feeling that I have better control over my anxiety for the past couple weeks. It is a really relieving field


I also take b12 and use essential oils.. Thank God that my Dr doesn't relate everything with anxiety...she makes sure to knw what js is causing any issues


That's good. my psychiatrist is the same way pretty much. he doesn't like prescribing many medications. I'm currently doing self hypnosis with him


If a doctor does that then you should definitely get a new one!! Your doctor should rule out everything else such as thyroid problems or any other deficiencies or illnesses before just chalking it up to anxiety or depression and then shoving antidepressants down your throat!


I did get my thyroid checked too!


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