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Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my Physical. Now, I have been to the doctor several times since my Anxiety began 11 months ago, but as of the last 4 months I stopped going to the ER. That was the first step in my acceptance journey.


What bugs me is how "laxed" and "nonchalant" doctors are when it comes to people who struggle with Anxiety. I was speaking to my PCP about preventative measures and what test I should be taking and how often due to my physical anxiety symptoms. These test include, cervical cancer screening, heart disease, breast cancer screening, etc. and she informed me that "oh, you are just 30 years old. You are not at risk for any of these disease." Which I understand, but she stated it in a way that there was no way I 30 year old could contract any type of cancers or heart failure because it simply doesn't happen. This is what bothers, because it DOES happen. So, as she was rushing through our appointment and giving me side eyes when I asked questions about my health (sure, one could have pinned my questions dramatic! But, your my doctor. Answer all of my questions, explain them to me in detail, and put my mind at ease).

Long story long, in my experience, I feel that medical providers don't take Anxiety as serious as those who are suffering. They don't feel that it's a "real" illness when in fact, it's VERY real.

I just thought I'd share this because it grinds me gears to be put on the back burner because I am not suffering from a deadly disease or because I am only "30 years old."

Hope everyone is having a fantastic and worry-fee day!!❤️


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  • Mental illness is still the Cinderella of healthcare, because it doesn't show up on a CT scan some doctors don't take it seriously. Not all but some. But that is gradually changing as society becomes more rootless, employers become more demanding, relationships more complex and anxiety more widespread. We are the elephant in the room and we're not keeping quiet any longer.

  • Absolutely!

  • Seen so many stories in the news of people in their mid 20s early 30s being diagnosed with cancers such as bowel etc and struggling to get a diagnosis as many doctors simply don’t send you for tests as you are young and don’t fit the age bracket. Which they should never do and listen to the patient and send them for the tests to be safe.

  • Exactly. It's quite scary. That's why it's so important that us young folks continue to demand these test, stay up on our physicals, etc. because we will look up and it will be too late.

  • Totally agree. When you are diagnosed with anxiety. Wouldn't it be just easier if they sent you for tests the amount of wasted time I have caused the a&e when they could of bin treating some one who really needed it . Then our minds would be at rest.

  • I went to my first appointment to start treating my anxiety and the nurse, doctor and psychologist were all very nice and prescribed me medications to help with anxiety and insomnia.

  • Absolutely! I asked my doc about testing my hormone levels thinking maybe that's my issue and she said I'm too young.. I'm 38.

  • Of course they don't take us seriously , thtz y the first thing they ask me are you hearing or seeing things , I'm like no , then the next ? do u take drugs or on drugs no, so now they tryna figure out something else , it sucks being dismissed , we know what we are feeling .

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