Can anxiety cause visual problems?

Okay so i am having a terrible anxiety disorder since last year. And before that my vision was literally flawless. But after I got it i keep struggling with problems with my eyes. Okay so, i keep seeing visual snow. It's like a TV static in front of my eyes like 24/7. Awful, its literally making my anxiety even worse. I also keep seeing eye floaters and flashes, like even right now at my screen, they keep flashing. It's just so bad. I have been to doctor once, but told me its harmless. But its distracting me, i cannot function normally. Any tips?


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  • Ye I get this realy bad even turnd into blue dots au just have to try and forgot about them and your see that up see them less the more I focus on mine the worse they are

  • Me 2. help! Really stressing me out. Went to ER they suggested an MRI. wth?

  • I have had floaters, blurry vision, and a weird feeling that my eyes aren't really connecting to my brain/head. I did an eye test and I don't really need glasses but she said it could help with the blurriness. the optometrist told me mental health and vision are strongly interrelated and anxiety can definitely affect the eyes. I find when I'm really busy I don't even notice it as much. Also if you're tired from anxiety, your eyes will have trouble focusing. I find being tired really has a huge impact on my symptoms

  • I have this! The only way to get through it is to accept it and just realize you're hypersensitive to everything now with your anxiety and that it's always been there, you just never noticed it. Sorry you're dealing with this. It sucks. I went and got a CT scan and the eye doctor and it was all just anxiety related.

  • Yes, have had this ... Flashing/strobe lights, missing letters out of words, etc. What you have is stress related. The floaters are normal, I think, but the other things you mention are definitely stress related, particularly long-term stress.

  • Does it go away? Ive had it for a week now :(

  • So I've been having visual snow really bad lately too and I've noticed more blue flashes recently. I will go get my eyes checked soon but I'm sure they won't find anything wrong. The worst is that this stuff just adds to the anxiety!

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