So scared :(

The only symptoms I get are chest symptoms. I've seen so many drs and had so many ECGs but I am utterly convinced something is not right. I was just in Uni when my chest vibrated and everything in that area went funny I was convinced I was having a heart attack. I'm waiting for dr to ring me back I am so sure something isn't right. I know I've had ECGs but my chest symptoms just seem to be getting worse all the time and I'm so convinced its gunna kill me :( I try tell myself I've had testing and stuff but I'm convinced something is blocked would that show on ECG? Cannot cope with this :(


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  • I have alot of them symptoms and they do freak u out. It is ur anxiety it knows how to get to u to caurse u panic. If u cud find sumthing to take ur mind off it just for a while u wudnt notice as much. It is very scary thou and its hard to ignore it xxx

  • It's so hard because I don't feel anxious and I don't have any other symptoms of anxiety it's just the heart symptoms and they just seem to be getting worse. They've a prescribed 10mg propanolol now so I'm going to try it! Scared to tho x

  • Yeah I get that, and thats all I got for a 4-6weeks. Suddenly I got really itchy after that period. The itch is a million times worse than the heart thing (my opinion) it feels like your whole skin is crawling. But strangely it was reasuring as it has convinced me now that it's anxiety.

    I am having a 24hrs ECG soon. I know some people have stress ECG's. what have you had?

  • I've had 3 normal ECGs. Had blood pressure, oxygen levels etc! Seen a cardiologist too! And a week long ECG! Just took my first propanolol tablet lets see what it does xxx

  • Hi Maria i know how you feel love i am just like you the tightness in my chest the pains i also get flutters or my heart beats really fast and can feel it in my throat i do keep telling myself it is anxiety but hard to accept when your chest is really hurting i have my 24hr ECG monday and hoping that this will help me get it out of my mind i am taking citalopram and have started feeling slightly better so just stick with them i wasnt sleeping eating terrible shakes and dizziness but have been sleeping better and my symptoms dont seem as bad this last week so just keep with them everyone on here is lovely and will help you as much as poss so keep blogging us try and relax xxxxx

  • I'm exactly the same. I'm sitting here petrified right now because I feel totally weak and my chest is vibrating! I read somewhere that it could be due to 'adrenal fatigue' because we're so anxious all the time. I've only had one ECG taken but I want another! I also need to see a cardiologist to confirm that all of my symptoms are down to anxiety. xx

  • I've taken 2 propanolol tablets now they're only 10mg. That's a big step for me tho cuz I hate taking meds. But right now ill try anything. I just feel like I can't explain myself. It's hard to understand that all these symptoms are due to anxiety. They're so random - the pain the tightness the arm pain etc... They last for 3 seconds then go and happen so randomly. And every time I'm so convinced I'm going to die I end up calling a dr or going hospital. Soooo fed up with this now. It only started in January. Hope everyone else is good xxxx

  • Hi luv

    I to am really freaking out by the Heart symptoms I am getting I am having a 24 hr tape fitted in April Seems a million years away. I have had palatations over the years but for the last 3 month my Heart feels like it is blowing up and going to stop then WHACK starts again this can go on for hours. I feel like by body jolts.Strange thing is I never have it when I go a daily 4 mile fast walk or go to Zumba its seems it starts when I am not doing anything. At 61yrs old I think I am really fit (not the fit meaning teenagers use ) lol I do find I am very tense when sitting .My whole body is so tight and when I stand still I feel I am gripping the floor with my feet as if I am balancing on a tightrope..I am taking my sister to Hospital today to have skin cancers removed of her face so I know I will look like JOHHNY BRAVO lol

    LETS tell this annoying thing to PISS of today and dont let it get to us


  • I have a theory about the various 'symptoms' that manifest with anxiety. The minute you lose your fear of them another pops up. I had my first panic attack aged 18. I recovered and had a good number of years without anxiety, but first time I had all the heart stuff. Nowadays it's balance and neck/face tension. Not a papiltation in sight! They don't worry me but the balance stuff does. Don't worry about your heart. I used to call into the surgery on the way home from work with the heart stuff, doc would say, I was fit and healthy - it was true. I think - and have read about - the body producing symptoms to grab your attention as a distraction from worrying thoughts. If one symptom doesn't get your attention, it will produce another. Losing the fear is the key, perhaps.

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