Am i the only person to have a headache all day and everyday?

This past week i have had these headaches that last all day and everyday, it has been about one week now and it seems to be always here and now i think i have a brain tumor :( can anxiety give you headaches constantly?


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  • Are you drinking enough water? It could be a food intolerance.... I used York Test to find out if u had intolerances. Twenty quid to say yes ir no to having an intolerance....

  • I have anxiety and when I'm really suffering bad I get headaches that can last for days or weeks, not even pain meds take it away so I know it's not a 'normal' headache if you know what I mean. If your suffering with poor sleep as well that can also make it worse.

  • Do you get them lasting all day though and have you been to the doctor about them?

  • I do indeed, I wake up with them sometimes and their still with me when I go to sleep. I've had my eyes retested to rule that out and doctors have ruled other things that would cause them plus I've had countless blood tests that have all come back fine.

  • Do you think it's just anxiety causing it then? Have you taken anything to make the headaches go away?

  • I have not been to the doctors about my headaches yet so I'm worrying alot

  • Yes I'm pretty positive but I am going back to the doctors again tomorrow as I've been suffering really bad anxiety at the minute and I've been struggling to breath etc so I understand how you feel. When I first started with all of this I couldn't breathe and i had pains in my chest and back. I was convinced I had problems with my heart or lungs but the doctors tested everything and all I'm left with is the anxiety diagnosis which they say can cause breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, fainting, headaches etc. I know it's difficult because I've been there and we naturally overthink things :) but try to take some deep breaths.

    I've tried strong dose painkillers from the chemist and personally they didn't work for me.

  • My symptoms have been feeling sick and no appetite and sweaty hands and feet and the doctor put it to anxiety but now i have these headaches so i think I'm seriously ill and has brought back all them symptoms as well

  • I occasionally get sweaty palms and my appetite changes with my mood. Because I've had a few bad weeks I've found I've lost some weight due to not eating. My symptoms seem to be more of the racing heart and breathlessness. Do you find your hands and feet swell at all sometimes? Have you had your blood pressure checked? I'm asking because I've found when I have an attack my blood pressure drops and that's where the tingling and lightheaded feeling comes from, could be the cause of your sweaty palms also. Although from what you described you could have panic attacks?

    The brain is a powerful organ and can trick us into believing things are wrong that aren't. It's all due to a chemical imbalance. Do you take any medication?

    Try not to worry yourself too much I know it's difficult. If your feeling no better in a couple of days, make an appointment with a doctor even if it's just to put your mind at ease.

  • No they don't swell just very sweaty and i have blood pressure checked the last i went which was a few weeks ago and he didn't say anything but that was before i had these headaches, i just find it hard to believe anxiety can cause a headache and make it last 24/7 and for this long, i keep thinking i have a brain tumor or something

  • And i don't take any medication other than a few paracetamol tablets, do you take anything?

  • I'm sure it's nothing serious but to put your mind at ease speak to your GP if nothing else it might relax you and maybe the headaches will clear. When I get them their at the front of my head and I feel foggy and exhausted. Sometimes my eyes go blurry and I have to keep blinking which makes it worse. I'm not taking anything currently but I was medicated for depression but I took myself of the pills stupidly and I've suffered ever since. I had sleeping meds. See what I end up with tomorrow. I haven't been back to the doctors for a while, I tend to avoid them because I actually have to talk about my problems.

  • Yes my headache seems to be at my forehead the most and has your head ever felt hot when you have had them? Yes i will go to the doctors on tuesday i think and thanks for talking to me i appreciate it alot i think my family has even given up on me now

  • Hey don't thank me, that's what we all came here for :) I've never done anything like this before but it's gotten to a point where I don't know where else to turn.

    Yes my head has felt hot also, and I feel nauseated sometimes too.

    I have very few friends these days because they don't know how to handle my issues. They don't realise the physical suffering of the illness and sometimes I don't want to talk or go out.

    I've also been bedridden by the headaches before now.. it's not a pleasant thing to experience. Even my partner doesn't know how to handle things and I can't talk to him about my issues, it's not his fault he just can't relate.

  • Yes i understand, i have no friends at the moment so dealing with this alone isn't easy and yes i think unless you go through anxiety no one really understands how you feel and that is frustrating as well, i just find it so hard to believe that anxiety can give me all these problems

  • It makes you feel very alone, but there's lots of people who do understand it's just hard to talk about. I feel very isolated at the moment. I'm about to ring my doctors surgery and I'm getting anxious about that because I'm going to have to go over it all again.

    Please try not to worry too much though I know it's difficult. Today's a new day so I hope maybe you may be headache free? Fingers crossed for you.

  • No i have woken up and it's still here, I'm 22 and I'm convinced it's a brain tumor or something serious :(

  • I have one today also but I've had one since Thursday. Anxiety levels through the roof, the 40 minute drive to the doctors was a battle in itself now I'm trying to calm myself before my app. I'm 29 and have been suffering for about 6yrs now although the headaches are one of the more recent symptoms. Does your head ever hurt when you touch it.. like if you just rest your hand on your scalp. It's feel like pressure spreading?

  • I don't think so, mine seem to be just at the front of my head, across the forehead so that's why i think it's something serious

  • yes anxiety can give you constant headaches....I used to have them and started thinking on the same lines

  • How often did you have a headache and how long would it last for?

  • sometimes they lasted for weeks.....

  • Would they last all day and everday? I wake up and it's already their

  • yes they would...i am guessing they are not hampering with your sleep

  • I get about 6 hours sleep, i don't wake up in the middle of the night, i always seem to wake up at around 7am, really yours lasted all day and everyday?

  • yes they did.....anxiety can be cruel

  • How did you get them to stop?

  • i ignored them and stopped looking for them.....took up a challenging assignment at work.....basically got really busy with life.....i still do get them is a vicious circle....the more you bother about them the more they bother you.....its not easy but we have to learn to live with anxiety

  • Yes i will go to the doctors tomorrow and see what they think as i find it hard to believe anxiety is doing this to me

  • Have you had your eyes tested at all? Just my doctor asked me this when I first went and mentioned the headaches.

  • But my vision isn't fuzzy or anything, i haven't been to the doctors about my headaches yet, i think i will go tomorrow but I'm just scared

  • If I can do it you can too :) it's not nice I know but the peace of mind is what you need. Do you have anyone that can go with you? It's not nice to go alone, I'm in that situation today and currently have sweaty palms, shaking and struggling to get my breath.

  • I might bring my dad with me but i think he is fed up with it all to be honest, my mind just keeps telling me anxiety can't make you have a headache for this long

  • Please try some form of relaxation. when we have anxiety we dont see a true reflection of whats happening eg try looking at you reflection in moving or stormy water...youcan see clearly....however when the water is calm you get a truer reflection.

    Seriously...look into relaxation techniques and practice.

    All the best

  • Just try asking him I'm sure he would support you, he perhaps doesn't really think that way we just have a thought process with anxiety that makes us think negative things.

    I've been re-medicated although the side affects which I'm guaranteed to get don't sound pleasant I feel a bit more relaxed about it. I've also been referred for therapy and a review in 6 weeks. Very nice lady very understanding.

  • I will ask him i just feel like I'm bothering him and i don't want him to think I'm a freak, does talking to someone help you then?

  • That's how I feel with people, my partner always sounds disinterested I know he isn't but he sounds that way. Everyone else I know listens and then changes the subject so I ignored my problems thought they'd go away but they don't. I was suicidal a few years back but I've gotten over that dark patch now.

    I find talking to people who don't know me about my issues works wonders because it's like having a mini rant haha. I guess since joining here yesterday I've realised I'm really not the only one going through things like this.

  • Did the doctor make you go and see someone or did you do it yourself?

  • No when I rang up this morning the receptionist said I could have an appointment with the Mental health nurse or the doctor she advised me I'd be better with the nurse because that's her sole area and she understands better so I went for that. She gave me a form for CBT therapy and said it's entirely my choice whether I want to do it, I'm unsure yet as I don't know how I'd cope with it.

  • Oh ok i don't get a choice other than a doctor and when I've went the last two times they both thought it was anxiety but didn't give me anything to help it but now this headache is here and doesn't go away so I'm just worrying it's serious as i don't know why anxiety would give me a headache like this all day and everyday, that's what i find hard to understand

  • There's a chemical in your brain that basically travels around and because we have a imbalance the levels are too low. I've been prescribed Sertraline at 50mg with a possible increase to 100mg in 6 weeks. Last time I had citrolopram can't remember the spelling. I too have the constant headache I mentioned it to the nurse today and she said it's a perfectly normal thing because your brain is tricking your body into thinking negative things and it's a vicious cycle. Try mentioning to them that you think medication might help you, its that's the route you want to go obviously. The medication basically locks the chemical in your brain and should in time make you feel better.

  • Hi RachieW, I am reading these posts with grate interest as I believe very much that Anxiety causes all sorts of health issues but in reality it is the brain under stress mimicking them. I am 61 and have suffered with Anxiety for over 40 years. I wished I could say I have found a way to control it but it has so far eluded me. However I like to think that having suffered with this debilitating condition which is much misunderstood I can help people.

    My wife died in January this year and such a loss after 20 years of marriage really fuelled the Anxiety however with support from Cruse Bereavement Care and friends and family I have got better.

    I am going to be joining the local hospital radio team and have joined a local running group. I am also joining the local Cruise committee soon and I have joined a radio club.

    I have come a long way since the loss of my wife and hopefully will continue to improve. I must however be careful not to over load myself and start to get stressed again.

    I also have recently been put on Sertreline which does seem to help me feel better and think a bit more clearly. I was on Duloxetine and asked to be put on something else, the doctor put me on Fluoxetine but that made me worse. I asked to be took off that and that was when I was put on the Sertreline.

    Oh well best go I do tend to ramble on once I get going. Not long found this site but it has done me a lot of good and hopefully I can help other people.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Hi Laverdasf,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss but how truly inspiring to hear of what you've achieved! That's a huge step and like you say it didn't help your anxiety I can't even begin to imagine what that must have been like for you.

    I was previously on Citrolopram 25mg then increased to 40mg but it made me very withdrawn which I don't need any help with having social anxiety amongst other things.

    Some days are really bad for me and I have more of these than good lately but I'm trying to fight the battle. I myself only found this site yesterday but already it's made me feel less lonely.

  • Hi RachieW, Thank you for your kind words. I recently, about a week or so found this site. I think it is one of the best websites I have ever found the support and advice is priceless. The feeling of isolation with any illness or condition only makes it feel worse. However once you are reassured you are not on your own you feel so much better.

    I was on Citalopram ages ago, I can't even remember why I came off it now but it is just a matter of finding the right medication that suits you I guess.

    I think relaxation helps and exercise, I like being out side, walking my 2 dogs or just being out in the open seems to help me. Also, and I must admit it is difficult when you are feeling particularly bad getting absorbed in something is good. Either a hobby or even a good book or TV programme anything that distracts the mind.

    I would like to say there is a cure but there isn't, BUT there are ways to make yourself feel better.

    Take care. laverdasf

  • Can i ask what anxiety symptoms you have had?

  • Hi, Yes, I get anxious in relationships, I am not sure how I got married but it happened and maybe it could happen again. You have probably read on my other posts about the loss of my wife. That was and is still a difficult time for me but I am getting through it.

    The symptoms I get are; nausea, severe sweating, early waking up in the mornings, lack of concentration, shaking hands, stammering and aches and pains that are not due to illness or pulled muscles.

    Anxiety has held me back all my life but I know it can be beaten. I find walking my dogs, being outside and trying to enjoy hobbies helps. I believe also that talking can help, with whoever you feel comfortable with and above all, I guess, can trust.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Sorry to hear that and glad you're getting better, i have had headaches for a week now that seem to last all day and I'm not sure anxiety can do that as i haven't seen many people say they have had lots of headaches constantly

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have had a headache that has lasted over a couple of days but never a week. I believe that continued stress and anxiety could lead to a long term headache. However I would get it checked thoroughly by a doctor. I can see from previous posts that your doctor thinks its anxiety. I would try again and get any tests done that you can to discount any physical cause of the headaches. Hopefully the tests will come up with nothing you can then feel reassured in a way that it is anxiety. You will at least have a diagnosis and can then concentrate on moving forward with coping mechanisms for the anxiety. I find CBT has helped me but there is normally a long waiting list, it is down to your GP to refer you for it. Here in the West Midlands the doctor gives you a card with a number on it for what is called 'Healthy Minds'. You then have to phone them, they ask some questions and then you have a telephone consultation to see what is best for you. They sent me to an Introduction to Anxiety presentation. This was a sort of revision for me but it was ok. At the end they gave us some handouts to read and a relaxation CD. I have only used it once, (I must use it more often) but it put me to sleep.

    This may be a way forward for you, as I always say to people I am not a medical person and what I say is based on my personal experience.

    I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will find some help and support with your anxiety issues.

    Take care.

    Regards laverdaf

  • You're welcome laverdasf,

    I also feel isolated but I'm sure mines nothing in comparison. I enjoy arts and crafts and also adult colouring books I find these help me relax a little. I find it worse in the week because my partner works away mon-fri so I feel very bored and lonely and with the hours I work I struggle to have the time to do anything let alone anything constructive.

  • Hi RachieW, thank you for your message.

    It must be very difficult, I find the evenings the worst. My wife and I used to watch TV together and it was nice to be able to talk about the programmes. My wife was very good with numbers and would just about get the number on Countdown ever time. I only go out on a Thursday night at the moment, to a local radio club, It gets me out and meet different people all men as radio still doesn't attract many ladies.

    I wonder if you have any interests that you could fit in around your work. I know it is difficult, when I was still working the evenings were basically chill out and watch TV. However I did go to a radio club when we lived down south on a Tuesday evening and it was good to get out. I don't read much and I should really. I think it is a good means of escape I guess if you can get into a good book.

    The one thing I do try hard to do is avoid alcohol. In the early weeks I probably drank a bit too much but now I am feeling better I try and stay off it 4 nights a week. Although may be I don't like admitting it I feel much better and of course it helps keep the weight down a bit.

    I had better go I am starting to ramble on.

    Any time you are feeling down send me a post, the laptop is on most of the time. I don't have all the answers but it's good to talk as they say!!

    Take care.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Evening Laverdasf,

    That post made me smile as I read it, it's lovely that you carry such positive and lovely memories about your wife.

    I normally get in from work around 6oclock so I find once I've eaten and showered it's about half 7-8ish and because I'm feeling so exhausted all the time I long to get into bed and when I'm there I don't sleep I just fidget haha.

    It seems you have found exactly what keeps you going :) it's so nice to hear.

    I'm 29 and don't have any friends around where I live my job in a management role doesn't enable me to make work friends as such. To be honest I have 2 friends these days who stick by me.. very lonely indeed.

    I read, I draw, I write down my thoughts, I colour, I make things and I have a memory tree full of good and happy things in the bedroom so I can pop the light on when I feel down and see all the happy thoughts.

    Currently feeling very nauseous and dizzy can't sleep and the heat isn't helping. Thank you very much for the kind words :) much appreciated.

  • Hiya RachieW, Sorry you are feeling the heat, I am not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight. I dislike hot weather, it gives me headaches tires me out but can't sleep. The weather man is on, saying it has been the hottest June period for 20 years. It is as warm tonight as it should normally be in the day for this time of year!!

    I like the idea of a memory tree it sounds as though it helps you. I have a memory shelf here in the front room for my wife. It has all sorts of things on it. Her favourite mug, drinking glass, all her rings and more. It is nice to look and think of her but it can be a bit upsetting some times. I have had tremendous support and help from Cruse Bereavement Care. I have a 1 to 1 session in the morning possibly my last. And then in the afternoon a meal with the Cruse Social group I go to. One of the ladies is having a birthday and last time one of the guys that goes to the group baked a fantastic cake so hopefully he has done the same for tomorrow!!

    Oh well just watch More have I got news for you then do battle with the night lol.

    Wishing you a restful night.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • That's lovely I love the idea of the memory shelf :) I have pictures pinned to my tree and some hearts that my partner had made for me for our first valentines and Christmas amongst other things.

    It is indeed very humid, the room is starting to cool a little we have a attic bedroom so it gets very hot up here. I have to be up at 6 but I'm not feeling like sleeping.

    I've been watching a series on Netflix Called thirteen reasons why. Very dark and mysterious but it's about the affects of bullying and depression and anxiety. I'm finding it addictive to watch and incredibly well written and acted.

    Hope you get your cake :) and I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

    Good luck with the sleep battle.

  • Hello, I hope you have had a good day and the heat is not bothering you too much.

    I had a mixed sort of day after a much better night than I thought. I opened the window and slept ok until around 6:30. I took the dogs out at 7 and it was great. Just the right temperature with a slight breeze.

    The meal was ok, basic stuff really, Scampi and chips and a chocolate brownie as dessert.

    I don't know if you have read my other posts regarding a lady I have met at my Cruse group. I got things in a mess in my head and got too involved, only in my head though. The lady lost her husband four and a half years ago to cancer after being together for 40 years. She is trying to rebuild her life and says she is not looking for anyone else.One night she told me she was seeing another guy and she wouldn't tell me who it is except I didn't know the person. I think she is probably seeing this guy as a friend, in any case she can see and do what she likes as we are not a couple. I called her one night and told her how I feel and we were ok. But things are different now, I am trying to be distant but friendly to try and keep myself from getting anxious and stressed about things. I spoke with her on the phone last night but she was not too chatty blaming it on the weather. Today at the lunch I stumbled whilst trying to sit down and sat on her arm which she wasn't happy about. Also she hardly said anything to me, I guess I didn't say much to her but she was speaking to everyone else ok though. My counsellor told me to have no more contact with this lady but I could not do that, I like her too much for that and see her at the Cruse meetings so didn't want an atmosphere. Last week when we were out as a group on a boat trip she seemed different, maybe it is the heat. When we got back to her house (I had left my car there) she said it was good to see me again but I had only seen her on the previous Tuesday.I am very confused with things again and find it difficult when someone I feel so close to seems so different towards me.I am feeling a bit down tonight even knowing I am doing the right thing is hard when you like someone. I need time to grieve as people have told me and it is just too early to try and get serious with someone.

    Sorry you have had to receive all this especially if you are not feeling too brilliant yourself. I just started typing and just kept coming!!

    Take care.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Evening Laverdasf,

    I didn't have a good night too hot for me but I did get some sleep. I struggled to go to work as I was worried about telling them about how bad I'm feeling at the minute but they were all fantastic and made me feel a bit better.

    That does sound a tricky situation indeed, and I'm probably one of the worst people with advice. I haven't seen your other post but if you need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message to my inbox I'll listen (well read haha) and probably eat some cake :) I think distance is the answer there, keep it purely at a civil level. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders don't let your feelings distract you from the excellent progress you have made so far.

    I don't want to sound awful when I say this and please don't take it the wrong way.. but if she cared properly she'd understand and wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable.

    I know it's hard but from what you've said you've come so far!

  • Hi RachieW, Sorry you didn't have a restful night, this weather is just too hot for sleeping properly. It does sound though that you have good work friends and that always helps.

    Thank you for your comments regarding my lady friend, not sure whether that should be in inverted commas tonight lol.

    It is a stupid situation, we were so friendly and today I found it hard to believe at times it was the same person. The heat was really getting to me, the air con does not work in the car and the fan doesn't seem over good either. I felt quite good this morning but tonight I feel a bit depressed again. I keep telling myself it is just not worth it, I have been through enough.

    I have been asked to go on the Cruse committee by the lady that runs the group. Last week she thanked me for the help I gave at a beer festival her son organises, she went a bit over the top really. None of the others went but some of that was due to short notice and it being a bank holiday weekend.

    Any way she went on to tell the group I am going to join the committee. Well, the lady friend asked 'how do you get on this committee'. The reply 'send her a letter'. Somebody asked me how I contacted her and I had to say just verbally but I was asked to go on the committee, so that contradicted her own statement on how to join. It started again today, I am beginning to wonder if I should bother because the others don't want to go on the committee but are giving me some hassle because I am. If I decided not to go on the lady that runs it would be very disappointed and I would probably no longer go to the Cruse meetings. The very thing that has brought me back from god knows what I may have done. Oh dear this is a bit long but this has really been a day of two halves. From looking forward to a nice social lunch and a good meeting with my Cruse councillor I am in a bit of a spot here and maybe I shouldn't be. I am now feeling a bit down and questioning what I am doing.

    Sorry it's a bit much but I am in a bit of a dilemma here. I have had a headache on and off since this heat arrived and I am taking two strong pain killers so hopefully that will shift it. You may regret suggesting I write to your in box as it could be even longer than this lol.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Hey if you want to send my an essay feel free, that's what we all came here for.. I'll just have to raid my chocolate stash to get me through :) haha. But seriously sometimes just getting it all out in the open and out of your head helps as you know.

    It does indeed sound very complicated and I'm sorry to hear it's made you feel low.. if it's any consolation your in good company with that headache as I've now had one for 6 days solid and it won't budge!! It's more stubborn than I am haha!

    I think deep down in your own mind and perhaps when the fog of the stress from it has cleared you know what you want to do. You sound strong and you've been through tougher times than these and survived.. don't let anyone else get to you.. like someone told me once everyone has their own agenda and isn't always out to help you, they'll sap the life out of you and bring you down. Don't let that happen, don't let people stop you doing what you want and when you want.. ok?!

  • Thanks for your supportive and very sensible words. One of the few things I wish my parents hadn't given me is an over sensitive nature. I am sitting here almost in tears thinking about these issues. How pathetic is that, at 61 you would think I would have learnt by now it's not worth it.

    I won't ramble on, I will put something on your in box.It may take a while so find all the chocolate you can lay your hands on lol.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Trust me if you saw the emergency chocolate I have in my bedside drawer you'd laugh your head off.. although I'd like to take this moment to point out I don't have a chocolate related problem haha.

    Don't ever think your pathetic for feeling upset.. we might age but I think as we do we become more sensitive as life has weathered our resolve.

    You write away I'll take the time to read and hopefully at least it may help you feel a little better offering you a smile :) there is many positives just sometimes they get lost in the woodland that is anxiety.

  • Thanks for your kind words and being there. It can get quite lonely here at times. I love my dogs to bits but the conversation is a bit limited. I have just finished typing the message to your in box. I hope it makes sense. I have tried to be detailed without making it excessively long. It may deplete your chocolate stash some what.

    It feels cooler out there to night so hopefully you will have a more restful night.

    Thanks again for tonight, much appreciated.

    Have a good day at work tomorrow.

    Regards laverdasf

  • Hi laverdasf1000, Chicago lady here. Well it sounds like you have a plan in going forward with life. Lots of activities to keep you busy. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better on Sertreline. Getting anxiety under control with medications takes a little trial and error with the med itself as well as dosage. Once your doctor finds what works for you, then the rest is up to you in finding ways to keep stress at a minimum as well as accept your anxiety. You're doing good..

    Have a good evening and take care!

  • Hello Chicago lady, thank you for your message. I do feel better on Setreline but not sure if it is the medication or just that at last I am accepting the situation with the lady friend. I am not too concerned about the reasons, just grateful for feeling more in control. I have backed off a lot with the contact with her and I know this is the right thing to do. We did talk over the phone tonight, we have not spoken over the phone for a week or more. The heat is getting to her, we have had your sort of temperature today, 30 degrees C so around 90 degrees F I guess. I am out for lunch tomorrow with the Cruse group, one of the ladies' birthday so that should be good. I can't stand the heat, it gives me headaches and just drains me but there we are it is Summer!

    I went running on Saturday, well jog walking at 61 after a 20 year lay off it is very difficult. It was at a church hall and I met the vicar, a very nice lady and had a good chat after the run. I felt I could talk to her and told her about the loss of my wife. I guess we must have chatted for half an hour or more, they gave me tea and toast and made me feel very welcome. The vicar took my details and emailed me some information regarding community group activities through the church. I am not particularly religious and this nice lady vicar did a real soft sell on religion and to be honest I started to think about going to church. I was very surprised at what I was thinking, the vicar said let me know if you decide to come to a service and I will look out for you!!

    Do you think I should give it a try or would I be only going to see the nice lady vicar, I am not sure what to do. I guess you can have lady vicars as friends and somebody to talk to that is not family or involved in your situation. I must give it some thought, I will be joining the running group again this Saturday so we will see.

    Oh well best go take care.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Going to church might not be a bad idea. It can give you some peace as well as time to reflect on your life. You might be pleasantly surprised in that Miracles still do happen... Take care of yourself

  • Thanks for that, I must give it some thought. Hope Chicago is not too hot today/tomorrow not sure what time it is there. Hopefully you can get to the pool if it is hot!!

    Take care.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Thanks but was it the only the medication that made you have the headaches then? I feel really sick today with no appetite and the thought of eating makes me feel worse, it's so frustrating and this heat isn't helping

  • Sounds like it might be a tension headache, which can definitely be triggered by anxiety. Tension headaches can last anywhere from 30 minutes or a week, and they can be very debilitating and come on without warning. I've actually had to take days off for my tension headaches because they would make me so tired I would just sleep all day.

    I would definitely talk to your doctor, and if he says everything is fine I would suggest trying to get a medication purely for tension headaches (Excedrin Tension Headache is my go-to, personally) Also drink a LOT of water-- headaches are also caused by dehydration and the sudden heat of this summer can definitely contribute to that.

  • Yes i will try and keep drinking, my headache is still here and it has been 1 week now and it lasts all day and today i have felt very sick and the thought of eating is making me feel worse but i haven't actually been sick yet, could that be anxiety?

  • It's almost certainly anxiety. I've gotten lots these types of headaches before-- never actually lasting an entire week, but they've definitely lasted more than a few days, and the entire day. They've made me feel sick and nauseous and drained me so badly that I had to sleep the whole day to feel better. But they're very common and relatively harmless aside from the pain-- they're pretty much just like a migraine (which I also have :/)

    Try over-the-counter meds to combat it. Medication to help anxiety will also make the headaches go away, if you're not on them already.

  • No i have been to the doctors twice now with other symptoms which they thought could be anxiety but they haven't given me anything to take so i don't understand

  • If your doctors don't think that it's anything that you need prescription meds to take, then they probably expect you to take care of it yourself. Most GPs are wary about giving you anxiety medication right off the bat-- you'll probably need to see a psychiatrist if the anxiety persists.

    Regardless, try over-the-counter medication first. That should get rid of the headaches, and in the meantime you should think about setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist just in case-- it usually takes a while to see them and you might want to get an appointment squared away in case the anxiety gets worse.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • I have took a few paracetamol and that hasn't seemed to done much so what else could i take? I will go doctors tomorrow just incase it's something serious, i was ok for a week, eating fine and feelig a lot better but then i got this headache and instantly think it's a brain tumor and now i constantly feel sick with no appetite along with this headache everyday, i can't see how i can stop this

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