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They say its anxiety

small background:

I'm in the military. I am a 26 year old male. I had lasik in March. I have had a couple panic attacks before in my life. Nothing too crazy mostly just waking up in the middle of the night when my brother-in-law was in the hospital. The other time was right after lasik when they gave me tramadol. I stopped taking it after 3 doses because I realized it was causing them. After that I was fine. I was taking ambient for sleeping.

until the end of May of this year.

I left in April for retraining and was fine for the first month and a half. Then I was sitting there in class and I just all the sudden saw floaters. Now I didn't freak out here. I just called the optometrist and scheduled an appointment. Well he looked at my eyes and said everything is fine nothing he could see. Now this is where I start have some anxiety (I googled the symptoms and yeah. brain tumor/ms.) Well I was like I have been alive for 26 years and never had floaters . I soon noticed that it wasn't only floaters I was seeing but also stars. (not starbursts, which lasik can cause) Like when you get hit in the face type stars. I also see random shapes flickers in peripheral vision. I can see my pulse in my sight for a couple seconds when I stand up. The weird one is random blue things. I'll see like a random blue color but its the type thing that is like did I just see it or maybe i didn't? Hard to explain and every doctor I talked to would look at me like i'm crazy and tell me I have anxiety. I also got this random twitchy feeling on my left side temple. It feels like a tingle or i don't know just something i can feel randomly. The one doctor gave me proponolol (bp/social anxiety med) because I had slightly elevated blood pressure. I think that stuff caused me to become even more anxious, I was having panic attacks for the entire day/night with maybe 5 minutes of relief each day I also hit depression for a week or so (super scary I feel so bad for people that feel like that now that I have experienced it). So I stopped taking the proponolol. I stopped taking ambient. So throughout June I went to mental health to talk about my "anxiety". Both psychiatrist and psychologist stated that I don't have an anxiety disorder. I was just extremely anxious about the changes to my vision. I still though learned how to cope and breathe and all understand anxiety. It helped. I haven't had panic attacks but I am still anxious. The psychologist was a great guy and decided he would influence my other primary care doctor to give me a brain MRI. My MRI came back normal (thats what they said) but I read it and I do have a small mucous retention cyst. I'm not worried about that because its not going to kill me. So I finish up my class and about the last 3 days I wake up in the middle of the night with my ears ringing like crazy. I go into a small panic attack but breathe my way through it. I tell myself everything is fine and I'll get checked when I get back to my home base. Well I get back and I tell the doctor, he says "You have any hearing loss?" I told him I don't know. He says well you would know if you did. Then says his ears ring and I should be ok. He looks into my ears with his instrument and says it looks like I have some fluid and that should clear up in about 90 days. He then sends me on my way. I say ok, I'll deal with it. Well fast forward a week and I wake up and my testicles hurt. It is like a dull getting kicked in the balls type hurt and it goes away. I wait a couple days and the left one seems to stop hurting and it sticks in my right one. I go see the doctor. He feels my balls and says epididimitis. So now I'm on CIPRO antibiotics.. i feel dizzy, still see stuff, and my pupils dilate when I look at myself in the mirror and pretty sure i'm dying or something....

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Hi there sounds like there may be a little psychosis coming into play at times I have been going through almost identical effects of deep set anxiety for the last four years, I cannot say that I have been in the forces but I have worked alongside side them in same theatres, I have the same concerns about physical illness which caused my depression to get to,

Borderline psychotic depression it does sound like you like to research things so may be a avenue to look at just to see if it fits.

Kind Regards.


I will look into that. Thanks for the reply. I'm glad I'm not alone


Try not concentrating too much on your eyes you've had everything checked, we all get floaters and pupils will react when focusing close in or distance, try and relax. Xx mandy


Thanks mandy. I understand i sound like I'm crazy but its just such a weird thing.


I get exactly everything you said the worse for me is the blue dot and blodge I also think did I see that or did I not and my floaters are realy bad just try relax worrying makes it worse pal I'm 22 and used to be professional rugby player and now I am not all through anxiety


Well I'm glad I'm not alone. How long have you had this? I'm just wondering why it started out of nowhere. Thanks for replying back to me.


I have had it now around 4 months but in December I had a really bad cheek bone /orbit break so it maybe through this the floaters are anyway I have been nokd out a few times at rugby never the less I panic and they make me realy scared I've got another eye test exam soon if I get the all clear in guna try move on pal


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