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Lately I've been thinking that I straight up have a Tumor... my Dr. says everything is fine! I haven't had any scans yet because my dr doesn't think it's necessary. Yesterday I woke up with a headache on right side of my head behind my ear and it was throbbing pressure. I was also nauseous I had to skip work. Last night my ears started ringing and felt like I was going to pass out even though I was sitting down. It felt like there was a blood rush to my head or as if my body was reacting to "shock" Today it just feels like a "balloon type" pressure in front part of my head and temples and not so much nausea. I started Lexapro 3 days ago and I'm waiting for it to kick in. My dr thinks that once it does, all my symptoms should go. He says the anxiety symptoms are mimicking and making me feel like it's something more serious. I also always feel like my blood isn't flowing properly and makes my neck twitch and when I bend over or squat I get a full sensation in my chest as well as periodical palpitations that feels like a missed beat. I can't wait to see if this medication will help.


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  • I've had anxiety for years and you just described everything I've felt before. I've been terrified that I had a brain tumor several different times. I've had several scans done on my brain over the past 10 years and all have come back fine. Give the meds time to work and your tumor anxiety will slowly start to go away.

  • Thank you that helps

  • Hello there! Your physical symptoms are a part of your anxiety. Your anxiety feed into your physical symptoms. And so the cycle goes on and on. Right now, you need something that will stop this circle of fear. Lexapro is a good drug to do that. (at least it has been for me) Of course it takes more than 3 days to kick in but what I like about this drug is that it works without the side effects that other drugs have. The hardest part will be the wait for it to kick in. I wish you good luck on your way to relief.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hi Stacie, thinking of you today and hoping you will update us with your progress. Take care

  • I have been feeling these symptoms lately. As well as constant foggy head, fatigue, burning sensations inide my head and neck and on and off vertigo. Have you gotten any relief yet? I don't take medication but know I need to but now Im terrified I have a brain tumor and am even resisting going to the doctor im so scared of finding out.

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