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Chest pain please help


I have actually had a good day today so no reason to be anxious however I have just started getting quite sharp pains in the centre of my chest. My sternum. It stays for about 2 seconds then goes again! I'm brushing it off as anxiety but it's a dangerous game isn't it, you might brush off something serious as anxiety? Centre of chest sort of feels like bone pain, but am I telling myself that?!?! :(

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Yes! I know. As soon as we feel relaxed, the emotional pain seeps out elsewhere! My center chest pain is always heartburn. Still, it's scary and I am sorry!

Sandy1710 in reply to sunnyg

This don't feel like heartburn. I've had a panic attack before due to worrying about heartburn. It built up and up and eventually I had a full blown panic attack. I lifted something heavy earlier. Perhaps it was due to that

sunnyg in reply to Sandy1710

I think everyone experiences at least pain episodes of some sort everyday. However, those of us with anxiety suffer hugely because of the panic that sets in with any pain.

I know what your experiencing 😝 I had chest pain earlier this week. Center of my chest. I thought it had something to do with my lungs. My anxiety made me think the worse so I went into urgent care. They did 2 chest x-rays on me & everything was fine. The doctor told me it was probably my rib cage hurting. I didn't even think to ask what would cause your rib cage to hurt but I figured with me working at my new job now for the past couple of weeks I am doing more physical work so my body is probably being affected/effected by that. 😝 everything this Anxiety is telling my gut feelings have always been wrong. 😳 which sucks because I feel like I will never know TRULY if something is really wrong. I've always wondered the same thing, How is someone with Anxiety suppose to know the difference of it being anxiety or if there is really something wrong? Nobody seems to have an answer for that except that we WOULD FOR SURE KNOW if something was REALLY wrong but they don't know what Anxiety symptoms can really do to someone.. 😞 they almost always feel so real & that something is happening..

Sandy1710 in reply to LoveMeg22

I genuinely don't know how much of it I can take. A friend of mine I hadn't spoke to in a whilet text me today. Asked how I was. I said to him I was "really good" but here I am back to square 1 because of a chest pain that is probably nothing (touch wood). Now I've got the sweats, pain all over. So much going on. It's not fair.

i also get these pains even burnimg pain in my sternum docs says its heartburn was put on a drip that took the pain away so it must be that but still tell that to my mind aswell..i always freak out when i feel any pain especially the sternum pain in my chest.

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