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Still not sure

Still not sure whats wrong with me and its making me nervous again. I had a colonoscopy done which showed my colon was normal. I felt good after the colonoscopy but then a week or 2 later I was constipated again. Im still having random sharp pains in my anus/rectum, stabbing pains in my back and stomach. Today after straining for a bowel movement I noticed a streak of blood in my vaginal discharge. I had a pap smear done a few months ago when I had similar vaginal symptoms. Unsure of what to do :/

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Probably Should Get A Abdominal Ultrasound Of Your Uterus & Ovaries Just To Be Safe. Hope you feel better.


I got an ultrasound when I first had weird symptoms which showed a cyst on one of my ovaries. Nothing else. Thank you though.


Hi I think going for any proceedure is a bit daunting and can make you nervous but you did it and its good the results were normal. I would now talk to a dr and just inform them of what you saw and see what they say and see if there is anything else they can offer you. Anxiety can cause symptoms you are explaining but something should be done to make you more comfortable.



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