So tired of feeling this way :(

I was out sun tanning today and my anxiety started up so I just kept reading to ignore it but once I went inside to the cool house my symptoms got worse. Felt so anxious hot then cold so fatigued shaky and just felt awful like something terrible was going to happen to me. Doesn't help hat I had 2 coffees today. I try to stay away from it.

Dose anyone else feel this way from being out in the sun???


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  • Hi, yes I get the same out in the sun, especially if I am driving in a hot car as well on a sunny day, just makes me feel sick and dizzy I don't know why - it's as though I can't cope with the heat :(

  • Hi thank you for your post. It's nice to see that I'm not alone. The sun never bothered me this much before.

  • hi pink, that often happens when you have been out in the sun, I think we are just not used to it, always drink lots of water to stop you dehydrating, and limit yourself to only about 15 minutes at a time until your body gets used to the suns strength, happy sunbathing, love jasper xx

  • Hello jasper how is your wife doing today? Hope she's having a good day

    Thank you for the post and yeah I was in the sun for over an hour that day and the only thing I drank while out in the sun was that coffee. Since my first attack I have been avoiding caffeine even stopped drinking tea but that day I had 2 coffees which was a big no no

  • hi pink, thanks, wife a lot better today, hope you are feeling better too. jasper xx

  • Good to hear and wish I was as well. I think it's gonna be a rough day no matter what :(

  • Hiya Pink, its good you recognise the trigger, it seems indeed to be the caffeine, people often underestimate the power of it, I've been hospitalized several times with CAFFEINE OD...its terrible, but caffeine sends anxiety mad and triggers panic attacks...people should realise this. It's probably not the sun as this generally improves our mood...I still have strong coffee, but treat it will still has a very useful part in everyday life...just take it easy xx

  • Oh dear you were actually hospitalized for caffeine od?

    Guess you can't have caffeine at all. Yeah since my first attack I have cut way back on my caffeine I don't usually have coffee everyday now. It had gotten to a point where I even cut out tea completely but lately I've been having 1 a day

  • Yes I agree with Chriszaja, I think it would be a mixture of the coffee and the sun but really I have found I need to completely avoid coffee as it is the worst thing for setting off anxiety; even a small amount is bad for me. Gemma x

  • Caffiene plus the sun ( dehydration) equals anxiety attacks.

    Yup ive felt This the last time I drank coffee and went out to the sun, had a horrible attack ended up in the hospital and was told that coffee besides being an anxiety starter dehydrates you, 15 minutes of tanning dehydrates you , your body will feel deprived and start "panicking"

    Stay hydrated and limit your coffee intake :)

    Hope this helped


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