When you don,t take yourself to seriously your anxiety will lessen

I have been through much of what I read on this site, but what helped was when I realised that when anxious my mind was good at making up stories ( worry).

When I feel my head " going off on one" I smile and say to myself " is this you making up stories again", through time your subconscious will get the message .

But note it also tells you, when this happens that you are tired, and need to make some relaxation time...look after yourself, and when you are well give some time to others who are less fortunate....


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  • Hi,

    Great post, have you suffered from anxiety long? I get the same things, my mind ruminates all the time. i do feel more relaxed at night however mornings are the worst, i wake up about 5am with a feeling of impeding doom and that starts my day off. I feel shacky and my heart is racing. I think its a release of adrenaline, but dont know how to stop this.

  • Suffered most of my life but it was never constant..

    But I found to stop my mind ruminating I was better walking in the country, after the first couple of miles I could actually feel my thoughts slow down....best wishes

  • Yes I agree and it's so easy said than done. I've literally tried coaching myself as I'm going through my moments and my mind will be in tug of war between thinking negative and trying to think positve. But I do believe what you say can happen if we train as learn to relax our minds. But yes I know how important and awesome feeling to pour that into helping others...

  • Do you have kids by any chance? i have two, i'm male by the way. I see them 3 times a week but because of my anxiety i feel guilty because im not giving them the time they need with their farther. This is probably what causes me the most anxiety.

  • Yes I have two daughters. I'm female by the way lol. But it's also a struggle for me because I don't like going through this and they sometimes see my actions from it. I feel my oldest daughter can see I'm not the same. It's hard for me to engage in my usual fun self and how I use to be because I'm so down and frustrated with these symptoms and what I go through. I've also become so easily agitated. Sometimes I get upset super fast at my youngest one and then I have yo take a step back and say whoa you are already very fussy and aggravatEd by your situation don't lash out at her. But it's not bad yo a point I hurt their feelings or anything like that but I know and it hurts my feelings

  • I can so relate to that, its like i wrote it. If i could give you any advise i would say don't blame yourself, anxiety is a pain. I went through it quite badly 6 years ago, but some how got through it. I'm currently going through a breakup and it has sparked all the anxieties back again. Ive started to read a book call DARE response, not that far through it, but it might be helpfull to you. How long have felt like this?

  • A few months ago it all started for me and I had managed to keep it under control and cope again and then another life tragic thing happen to a family friend and it took me back over board and it's the worst for me right now. I'm struggling harder to fight through it plus that fact that I don't want to take any meds. I'm trying to beat this on my own and it seems like it's so hard

  • I know meds can help, but thats not for me either. I believe when tragic things happen in our life we all react with anxiety just some worse than others. Its when you get stuck in that loop. You seem a strong person. I was told to stop fighting it and let it be, easier said than done.lol

  • Yes, what amazes me most is how I keep thinking of how my whole world flipped and now I feel like a kid having to learn to do the normal things I use to do. And yes if I can just let it be and free my mind I can probably get through it. But that saying ain't a saying for nothing; "easy said than done." Lol. But thanks for the advice I hope us both the best

  • Daryl 123.....As long as you show them love and never use them as a weapon,they will know you care....

    Maybe someday when they are old enough you can explain your anxiety..

    Yes I have 3 daughters and when they were old enough to recognise anxiety they said " no! Not my dad"..

    Sometimes we are too good at burying our emotions

  • Hi stde,

    That's not in my nature i would never use them as a weapon. I love my kids more than anything and always show them love, even when i'm feeling low.

    Yes maybe when they are older i can explain.

    I'm going through a lot at the moment and thats why my anxiety is high.

    I think i bury my emotions quite alot.


  • Icanbeathis2016...When a tug of war is happening it just means your mind is overactive and stimulated.....

    It is so much easier to put into practise when you are calm

  • I can see that to be true. But I never would've thought my racing tug of war thoughts could consume my whole thoughts throughout the day that I can't even relax my mind or get any peace. And when I do calm down its only for a moment but not enough or how I use to be. It's so frustrating

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