So it's easier said than done!! What medication would YOU recommend?

Hey so I'm struggling like mad with this health anxiety!! Doctor offered me meds but I declined but now I think I should.. I'm scared to take pills (side effects) but I have an appointment booked tomorrow morning (instantly makes me feel better coz i know I'm seeing the doctor soon) what medication would you recommend please.. And your thoughts about the medication (does it help you) thank you x


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  • That one you will have to trust your dr with... The only thing I would say...strictly speaking from my own to NOT accept Mirtazapine (Remeron is another name for it) ... but it is one of the most difficult in suffering withdrawals if and when you decide to come off of it.

  • Medication helps but you have to find the right one for you plus dosage and it takes at least a month for the medication to really start working. I always check my medication side effects on-line and in patients forums to get other peoples point of view. Sometimes your doctor is not always up to date with the filed of mental health and the medication.. Some medication do not work on some ethnicities.

  • Am glad you have write this it's totally me I won't take any medication it scares me what symptoms do you have xxx

  • Horrible isn't it :( I have every symptom possible 🙈🙈!! Going doctors tomorrow coz I can "feel" something In my stomach!! It's so annoying!! I need to get off this roundabout!! Xx

  • I am the same have constant left arm pain put horrible what did doctors say Xxx

  • She felt my stomach and told me I was absolutely fine she also showed me on google what I can feel in my stomach so that put my mind at rest ☺️ She asked if I was getting any help so I told her I start cbt Wednesday and she said perfect but I'm still worrying I've got something else now!! I get pains all the time 🙈 Xx

  • Mirtazipine is an anti depressant not for anxiety.Also its antidepressant that take a while to work.Usually meeds for anxiety like diazepam work instantly but I dont know if you would be prescribed them as they are addictive.My daughter was terrified to take pills but she swears by sertraline for anxiety

  • Really? I'm on day 14 or sertraline and feeling major increased anxiety, hope it works soon xx

  • You never know how meds affect different people,I didnt want to say but sertraline didnt agree with me yet my daughter is thriving on them,she hasnt got a bit of anxiety

  • I am so scared to take tablets to and they want me to starte propanolol I have bad health anxiety it's horrible can you help x

  • I was prescribed 40mg once daily of propranolol, i was petrified it took me around 4 hours to syke myself up enough to swallow the tablet, in the end i cut it in half and just had 20mg. I went a little funny at first, like dizzy and giddy and drop in body temp for around 1 hour then calmed down, but i dont think it works for everyday anxiety, I could feel my heart slowing down which made me more anxious! Hope this helps x

  • I'm on lexapro and it helps it has less side affects sometimes we need some help to coup I also take a very low dose of Xanax when I'm really having a bad day good luck

  • Thank you all so much! Can I ask I've never been depressed but all I seem to do now is cry and I always look sad 😢 Can health anxiety lead to depression? X

  • Yes ,my new psychiatrist who is good tells me my stress and anxiety leads to depression,so I have had a struggle getting the right dosage of medication because of this

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