Fighting Back !!!

So today I completed the Race for life in 34:53 seconds .

I suffer with GAD and health anxiety and cancer is one of my biggest fears ... The thought that me or someone I love could get this horrible disease is terrifying . I know I can't control that so I decided to do the race for life and raise money to help the people who can do something about it . I know it's not much but I'm feeling a wee bit proud of myself almost like I am taking control of my health anxiety by doing it ! ☺


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8 Replies

  • Fantastic :)

    Well done you - I love the idea of being so proactive :)

  • Well done you xx :)

  • Thanks guys xx

  • Hey loopsyloo, be VERY proud! Good for you!!!! What a brave thing to do.

    You are taking control instead of letting the anxiety control you. Way to go!! Keep going....

  • Well done, that's fantastic. Have a read of this book dying to be me by Anita moorjani or look her up on you tube

  • Hi loopsyloo. I think its fantastic what you have done. I have lost 2 people in my life because of cancer and have an aunt who is in remission. You say what you have done "is not much", but let me tell you it is and you should be proud. For all of those who have dealt with this in some way shape or form, having that support is amazing. My family did the Relay for Life in our town last weekend and seeing so many people supporting each other says a lot about the human spirit. :)

  • Ohhhh this is my biggest fear to I can never get it out of my head. Well done for doing something good

  • Thank you all for the responses :) It really has been such a positive boost to my mental health feeling like I'm taking control for a change x

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